Cold days

Even colder nights

Rain pouring down constantly

Makes you want to leave

Sometimes instead of rain snow comes

And it’s cold, but it gets colder

T-shirts stuffed at the back of your shelf

Instead, everyone’s in jeans, coats and boots with umbrellas

The whole place looks lonely as the cold winter passes

All the trees bare with no leaves to cover them

The ground covered with fresh, white, crisp snow

People hurrying to get inside warm buildings

With gloves to warm their hands

Coats to warm their bodies

Boots for their feet

Really cold nights

Cold days


Student led conference

hey guys,

next term we are going to do student led conferences

I think that student led conferences are important because instead of your teachers telling your parents what they think you did well, you are telling you parents what you think that you did well. the teachers might not have an accurate view on what you’ve learnt. Only you know what you learnt and your parents want to hear it from you, not you teacher.

A student led conference is a thing where you take your parents to your classroom and show them all the subjects that you think that you did well this semester. the subjects i’m doing are Art, Maths and English. I could show them……

Art – I could teach them how to use photo shop and your visual diary and show them what you have been doing                                                                                                                                         English – I could read a chapter from “Parvana” which is the novel that we are reading in English                                                                                                                                                               Maths – I could give them a maths problem and help them solve it


Cassidy Bradshaw

Term 1 Learning Goals

My goal for this term is to be more organized with my school work and at home

I want to achieve this goal so that I can get my homework in on time

Three actions I will take to start to achieve this goal are to write everything down in my Student planner, to do homework the night I get it and to put more effort into my work

I think this goal is realistic for me because I know I can be organized but I need to get better at it

I this it will take me 5 or 6 weeks to achieve this goal

My parents and teachers



Expo Reflection

Hi guys

Last week we had our year 6 expo. An expo is where you show all your stuff that we did during the year. I showed my T.E.D, #AMAZE_THEM, Photos and My monster from art.

all the parents came in and walked around while we were at stations looking after them. I was looking after #AMAZE_THEM. And I was looking after my project. which was the travelling journal

I think our parents liked looking at all our work and I was very proud of it


Cassidy Bradshaw


Hiya guys,

this is our final plan of attack for our amaze them project which has finally gotten underway.

Week 2 tasks (to be completed at home):

how to video,  year one assemble

Week 3 tasks:

project strated, record  process. interview the year ones.

Week 4 tasks:

record process, interveiw year one teachers.

create blog page

What I will be showing at Expo (middle of Week 4):

book in process and blog page

Week 5 tasks:

keep track of the book.

What I will be presenting to teachers for final assessment

book in process, blog page, plans and how to video


– cass lacey and emma!!


Hi guys, this week we are going to Melbourne zoo. We had to choose an animal and research about it and then at the zoo capture footage and make a documentary about the animal chosen. I chose a lion, so I researched a lion. here are my facts that I found out about the lion

  • Some male lions can grow to be 250kg.
  • The lion is the second largest big cat after the tiger.
  • Lions live in most parts of Africa
  • They either live in grasslands or open woodlands
  • Lions eat anything they can catch. But mostly zebras, giraffes, pigs, Cape buffalo, antelope, and wildebeests.
  • Lions don’t really have a predator but humans are their biggest threat
  • They live for 10 – 14 years
  • Lions are now classified as vulnerable because the death of lions as increased in the last few years
  • Male lions are the only lions with manes


Thank You          Cassidy Bradshaw



so far our amaze_them project is off to a great start.

we have emailed the year one teachers about our idea and have organised to meet with them this Friday lunch so we can really pitch our idea and organize when to start etc.

we have also planned and started our how to video on how to create a page in our book (which we have already got 



see ya later!!!!.