July 31

Passion Project Term 3 #Description

For my passion project I am doing nature photography around my farm and bush I will try to take some photos of animals too. The things  I am going to use an I phone for the photos and upload them onto my computer. My passion project is targeted at my class and people who love photography. I am also going to go down to the beach and take some photos there.

Here are some photos that I have taken:


June 17

Passion Project


I managed to achieve what I set out to do which was a nano seahorse tank. One of the big challenges was finding the place that sells them because they are not common pets. Another challenge was cycling the tank. I eventually found a place that sells them. If   I were to keep going with this project I would add another seahorse to the tank.

Here is a video of the seahorse:



May 22

My Passion Project #update

I am currently cycling my tank which is basically getting bacteria to grow to break down the seahorse waste. I learnt how to cycle a seahorse tank. My next step is to add a snail (to eat the algae) then a seahorse.

Here is my tank now.

I have been testing  my water to make sure it is safe for animals.

I have been using graphs to track my water quality.




May 7

Birke Baehr TED Talk


1)The first message was to get kids to eat organic food not processed.

2)The second message was that farmers are being unethical.

3)The third message was to buy from local farmers not supermarket even though it might cost more it is much better than paying for the hospital.


1)  That farmers genetically modify seeds and plants. Such as mixing DNA from plants and animals.

2) That the genetic modification of produce can affect animals and people.

3) Farmers irradiate there food which can harm people.

May 3

My passion Project

My passion project is going to be a nano seahorse tank. Which is a small tank with one seahorse in it. I am planning to have 1 seahorse, filtration , lighting , white rocks, white sand and to clean it twice a week . The technologies I  am going to use are my phone and my computer. I am going to learn how to care for these guys to the best of my ability. I am exited to show my unusual passion to my peers. I am looking forward to showing photos of my tank to my classmates at the end of the term.


May 1

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

a. To get kids to interested in apps in making apps not just playing them. And for students to teach teachers about making apps.

b. Thomas got is messages across by using humour, clear language, demonstrating what he has done with his apps and good body language.

c. Thomas used an ipad, microphone,  clicker and a screen behind him for his presentation.

d. The presentation techniques that he used were moving around, used expression and his voice wasn’t monotone.


March 1

Green Screen


In this session we learnt about green screen. Green screen is an image pasted on a background. You can edit your image if you want to change the background image. We did this in adobe premiere. On this editing software it is called ultra-key. This can also be called Chroma- Key. Green screen can be used for movies, weather reports , action films, News reports, puppets and something with a big landscape picture. The green screen doesn’t always have to be green it could be grey or blue. The reason why it is usually green is because the colour is usually not on your body.

Here is my video:

Next we talked about some basic ground rules here they are:

I m away from screen

No food

No Drinks

Turn all lights off when done

Keep the noise down

Never lock door

Watch the step!

This is a shared space

Leave studio neat and tidy

Don’t interrupt teachers

Don’t stand to close to the wall otherwise you will get shadows which will ruin your film.

In the room there are 4 lighting cams, 2 light stands, 2 sandbags, over head lights, vision switcher, green cloth, power cords, ceiling lights and masking tape. Also remember to switch on 2,3,4,5 lights. So what I did in this session was make a video of Shia Lebouf on a drone background video. First I put the video on adobe premiere. Then I put the drone video on the top of it. To make it the background you have to go into effects-key-ultra key  and chose your colour. Then the drone video should be  the background.

I really liked this session because it was interesting and informative about the green screen and adobe premiere to make your film reach it’s full potential.

February 26

Adobe Premiere

In this session we learnt about editing and Adobe Premiere. Some say that editing is the most important thing about the film making process. What I did with my film was speed Voice overs and audio.

Here is my Video:


We learnt about how to increase audio and speed. If you increase the speed the person talks faster depending on what percentage you have the speed. If you decrease the speed the person talks slower depending on what percentage you have it on. To get into speed you right click the audio and it comes up with a menu. Then you click speed which is close to the bottom of the menu and and type in your preferred percentage. To increase or decrease audio right click the audio bar. Then click audio gain which is under speed. Then type in your preferred volume. On the left you have a a menu of all your downloaded videos. On the bottom you have a place where you drop in media. On the top you have your video were you can watch your film to see how is.

I found this session interesting and rewarding because I learnt how important editing is and how it can enhance your film.