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Green screen

This is my last vlog for Film school :(. I think i have enjoyed this one the most because we got to learn about Green screens! Shia LaBeaouf (short)-2nnabf8  

Adobe Premiere

This would probably have to be my favourite clinic because we got to learn a part of the Adobe Premiere and its really cool how you can do so much things on it! Here is my first film on it!… Continue Reading →

Shotgun Mics

At the start of this video i just realised that i keep saying Camera instead of Microphone.

Wireless Microphones

Royalty free music

This one is star wars The greatest Show man Wonder IT I couldn’t get this one on my blog. This sound is called creepy it is meant for IT because its scary.

Zoom cameras

Zoom cameras was fun I learnt a lot and I learnt that Zoom cameras don’t zoom in that much but Zoom cameras is just the name of it.

Audio Booths

Shotlists and story boards

    Sorry Miss Williamson I couldn’t editΒ you out.

Point and shoot cameras




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