March 26

Dancing birds

The aim of the challenge was the make the dancing birds move to the music.

While Hannah was doing the one side of one of the birds I was doing another side and we both did the motor we followed the instructions on my computer. Once it was complete we programmed (code) it to move clock wise and anti clock wise and made it dance to the music!

I learnt that you need a motor in everything you want to move. The motor needs to have a wire on it so the wire can connect to your computer and have a USB at the end of the wire.

March 26

Making a mask!

Sewing was a bit difficult for me becauseĀ  I didn’t know how to sew that well. In the end I got it all finished and now I know how to sew! I learnt that if you have a battery and LEDS you can sew three in the hole three times and do the same with the other two but go right around and put the battery in. It will light up! It is called a ciruit , a circuit has got negative and positive energy in it. if you put the negative wire in theĀ  positive wire it won’t work.Ā  I also learnt when you sew you have to take your time because if you rush it, the thread might be to lose, it might not work.

March 25

My cardboard experience!

This is my prototype shelves, it is ready to be put together.

It was a bit difficult to plan as I had to imagine how to design the shelves in my design book and what it would look like once the design was complete.


This is my finished prototype

This is my completed shelves!

February 26

Last day of Lego We Do šŸ˜Ŗ

In Lego We Do Hannah and I made this AWESOME Merrie go round!

It spun very fast and you couldn’t even see it, then… Hannah told me to slow it down so it was on gear 1 that was soooooo slow.

I have learnt that when we put the motorĀ  it couldn’t place itĀ  in down so we put it standing up and boxed it in with Lego.

Here is a picture of it.

This is a video of it

February 20

First Lego We do project

Today 5c did our first Lego We Do project! It was so exciting!

I learnt that you needed to connect a lot of pulleys to make the object move, then you need to program it to any way you wanted.

This is what Hannah and I madeĀ  as our first Lego We Do project!

December 5

River Time!

Today all the year 4s went down to the river.

We did 3 activates in our class’s, my favourite activate was using the binoculars. I looked at a lot of birds, the mostĀ colourful bird I saw was a lot of rainbow lorikeets.Ā It made meĀ  excited and looked cool.

Later weĀ walked over the Queens Park Bridge toĀ a nice patch of grass to eat our snack. Then after we walked back to school.

This year river time has changed me because it has made meĀ be more observantĀ withĀ  animalsĀ I catch!


November 27

Our CD launch

When I heard about the Cd we were making IĀ felt so excited I could not sleep that night.

In class we wroteĀ some poems to give to Mrs BellĀ but I forgot what it was for.

Later in the year, in Art, 4a, 4b and 4c madeĀ collages. We had to draw the bird in shapes, that was a bit hard.

We all made reusable instruments, some of Ā girlsĀ  recorded their string instruments.Ā  The girls and boys went to Enviro andĀ wrote some descriptive words to go with the song. When we were done we added all of our interesting poems to the song and Mrs Bell put all of them in the right order and added the solos and the recorder parts. We practised so hard and memorisedĀ  it but it was fun! Ā Some people came to record us singing the songsĀ we wrote.Ā We had to be veryĀ quiet until the microphones were off. Later MsĀ Nicholls came and asked usĀ whatĀ collage was ours to add on the front coverĀ to put on the CD.

When the CD launch day came I was excited.Ā I was put on the back step with the boys. When we sang in front of everyone I felt proud that we put this song together from scratch.

My favourite part of the CD launch was whenĀ we all sang ‘My Jungle Today’ together.





November 9

We can all make a difference

Today the year 4s went to the Drysdale landfill and the MulchĀ Centre in Moolap.Ā When the green waste was made into mulch it smelt bad but it made cat litter and mulch.Ā Later weĀ went to the landfill and it didn’t stink as much as I thought it would but when we arrived I was soĀ amazed because there was so much plastic! I never seen so much plastic in my life.Ā  We need to recycle. IfĀ we keep putting plasticĀ under the groundĀ orĀ leaveĀ it around, animals like birds and sea creatures could eatĀ it andĀ will make themĀ very sick or even die.


November 7

Giant Swing

When it was my turn on the Giant Swing I said to go half way. Jason pulled the swing to the top but my hands started to slip slowly like a snail. I thought I was going to fall off the rope and then the people were going to fall over because they were pulling me up.

After everyone had a turn, the teachers went on it and it was sooooooo funny because the teachers all screamed and their faces looked like they just got scared to death!