June 21

Cartesain planes microworlds

the past few weeks we have been learning about Cartesian planes. the aim of the challenge was to make 4 shapes in the corners using setpos

here is what I have learnt.


on the other side is the X value this means that if I put setpos [set positions] 100 -100 it will go to the corner and you can make a shape!


this is my program for micro worlds

pu and pd means pen down and pen up

setpos means set position and [ 100 100] means go to the right hand side of the page.

here is my drawing

I made a kite, square, rectangle and parallelogram!



June 19

Simple machines

so far in simple machines we have made the 6 simple machines and have made something out of Lego.

6 simple machines

before we could make something out of Lego we had to research about the 6 simple machines and what they are


This is a what an wheel and axle looks like


this is what a screw looks like


this is a lever


this is the pulley


this is an inclined plank


this is a wedge

Lego building With konnects 

After this we went on to build our Lego models. I made a fan!

my fan was fun to make but it was a bit hard when the yellow cogs didn’t connect because I put the bottom cog the wrong way in.

In my fan it has cogs.

The cogs are there so when I turn the handle there is a cog but then on top of that there is another cog attach to it so it can spin where ever that one is connected to.

                      Lego we do 2.0

Lottie Hannah and I chose to build with the Lego wedo 2.0. The first thing we made was a cool spy bot

when this is switched on it sensors things from a mater of centre meters.

the next thing we did was a racing car this is a bit challenging because the instructions were only a look at what the car looked like and there was only a couple of zoom ups on some parts of the car.

June 19

Utrasonic senser

in Ev3 we got 2 new challenges. it was to make the Ev3 stop at 20 centre meters. the other challenge was to make the Ev3 get trapped in a box and go round but not crash into anything!

Challenge 1

This challenge was to make the ev3 go forward and stop at 20 centre meters

here is the program.

challenge 2

This challenge was to make the Ev3 go forward but using the sensor stop but then turn around and stop at another side and repeat it again.



this is another video of it

June 15


this was the last week of Hummingbird. In hummingbird I have learnt many things like, how to make an LED light switch on and how to use a vibration mooter, a tri colour LED and…MORE!!!!!!

since Emma and I finished early, we got to make anything we wanted, so we decided to make a bee. the eyes are LED coloured and we used the vibration mooter for a stinger, but the best part was… we used a distance sensor for when someone comes near it will switch off within 5 meters but when they go away it will switch back on!


June 10

Ev3/Line following challenge!

In this challenge we had to make the Ev3 go around the circle without going out and if it did it had to make its way back onto the circle. We had to use the colour sensor.


This is the program for the Ev3




This is when I have labelled it.

  1. to make it go
  2. if I want to connect something I click and drag it.
  3. to make it go forward and the speed.
  4. this is to make it sense something.
  5. it is a colour sensor.
  6. this is the display block, I didn’t need it in the program but if it stays on the black line that mean it woks fine.
  7. to make it go strait.
  8. this is the other display block and it will show a sad face if something is wrong.
  9. to tell it where it is going.
  10. this is to so it will go unlimited times.
  11. the loop.


this is a video of it working!


June 5

Swich block challenge!

In Lego robotics year 5 where set a challenge, to make the robot stop at the colour  it sensed then turn a bit and continue on to the next one.

This is my programming for the robot.


This is my program once I have coded it.

1.This is to play the program

2. This is the display block is does read the intrusions for the program.

3.It is a colour sensor it detects the colour and either stops or keeps going.

4. It is a steering block and it is on for rotations.

5. When the robot stops at the colour it turns to make it go strait again.

6.You can change the speed the robot goes.

7. If the robot cant find the sense the colour it is looking for it will keep on going until it finds it.

8. This is if it wants to brake at the end, but since it is a loop it will keep on going

9. Once it has gone around an amount of times but it is set to unlimited.

10. This is a loop it will keep playing.

11. The green tick means that it is good

12. the x means it will not do something.


Here is a diagram of what it does!


Here is a video of it working!


June 1


Today I learnt to use more of the hummingbird kit. it was fun because I learnt how to use a vibration mooter!

module 1


1.This is the first exercise we did. This explains what we have to do.  This program was the easiest compered to exercise 3&4 because Emma and I only had to make a light switch on




1.For this exercise we tried to turn on the LED but it didn’t work because Emma was on the internet and wasn’t on brain bird so then I worked!


3. this exercise  was exciting because I learnt to use to LEDs at once. this is how Emma and I did it.

Connect a second LED to LED port 2 then we had to write a script. The script should turn the second LED on for 2 seconds then switch to the other one for 2 seconds.


4.I liked this program because it was really cool how it can turn off like that. this is how we did it.

we had to make the humming bird LED Turn them self on then wait five second and switch both off at the same time!

May 27

last week of Arduino

The last week of Arduino was very exciting because my favourite challenge was the last one. it was the one where we had to connect all the wires from the Arduino board to the bread board. here is a picture.

all the red wires are connected from the Arduino board too  the bread board and below the wires there are a whole heap of resistors, without them the whole thing won’t work. there a also LED’s so it will light up rainbow! unfortunately it didn’t work for some reason and didn’t work for a lot of people.

I probably wont do this project next term because it wasn’t that interesting to me.