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I achieved my goal! Well sort of, one of the challenges I had with my music was siting there not knowing what to put in it to make it sound great or would it sound good? I came across this… Continue Reading →


I have done some really great mixes and it goes for round 2 mins. I have put together pieces of music to make the mix sound good. The main styles of music are disco, dance and a bit of rock…. Continue Reading →

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Some of the main messages are, to know where your food comes from, eat organic and one kid can change the world. Some of things i found powerful where, the farmers spray some of the fruits and vegetables with a … Continue Reading →

Richard Turere’s TED Talk

The main messages are, not to hurt animals, anything is possible, help everyone, a small idea can make a big difference, not giving up, don’t kill animals, a simple invention can make a big difference, you can make anything. He… Continue Reading →

Passion Project

For my passion project i am going to be doing Mixcraft. I indent to create a mix track. Mixcraft is an app on our computers where we can create our own music. It has multiple types of instruments that can… Continue Reading →

THINK Online

THINK Online is a poster you can think of when your about to post a picture Online and the poster also tells us how to use the internet. IS IT TRUE? when you are uploading/posting is it true because if… Continue Reading →

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

His messages where, to make other people stop playing games and start making them, children can teach adults things about technology. He got his message to the audience by he had a clear voice, and had eye contact with the… Continue Reading →

Green screen

This is my last vlog for Film school :(. I think i have enjoyed this one the most because we got to learn about Green screens! Shia LaBeaouf (short)-2nnabf8  

Adobe Premiere

This would probably have to be my favourite clinic because we got to learn a part of the Adobe Premiere and its really cool how you can do so much things on it! Here is my first film on it!… Continue Reading →

Shotgun Mics

At the start of this video i just realised that i keep saying Camera instead of Microphone.

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