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My last design reflection

this term I chose to build a hockey shoot out with charlotte but she mainly worked on her project from last term with Mackenzie. we had to changed a lot of stuff because we didn’t have a lot of time… Continue Reading →

Hockey Design Project Term 4

Today Charlotte N and I finished planning our project for term 4 project which are hockey goals that when the catapult shoots the ball into the goal a score board will say score and the other one will say goal… Continue Reading →

Design expo

todayΒ  we had our design expo where we get to show everyone what we have done so far. the teachers asked us to take 3 pictures and explain why you liked it.   I enjoyed Emma’s even though they only… Continue Reading →


Landmarks-1cy9v04 click here!

Netball ring part 2

Our project has evolved a lot so far. We have realised that some things were never going to work in the first place. So we’ve had to rethink almost the whole thing. We have completed half of what we are… Continue Reading →

Bombing of darwin

This book is about a boy named Tom, and his mum and him go up to Darwin where Toms farther works. but when the war is on and the government wants people to work in the post office and the… Continue Reading →



Camp snapshot

How many times did she turn the stick? My head is so confused and frustrated I don’t know what to think or how to understand it. I put my hand up I answered 5 incorrect she said. I was sitting… Continue Reading →

RRR belonging

–Β Β Β Β Β  What groups do you belong to? netball team, tennis team, TGC, Geelong, family, friends, Newtown hockey team and a swimming team. ​-Β Β Β Β Β Β Pick a group that you belong to discuss what the benefits are of being apart of it? I… Continue Reading →

netball ring design

today was our first session making our netball ring, first we are working on making and designing our netball ring in Tinker CAD [3d printing] but I expected it to be easy except it is challenging and takes a lot… Continue Reading →

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