passion project

For my passion project I will be filming myself riding my dirt bike at my farm and a track in Barham NSW. I’m going with my dad and some other friends. I’m taking my motorbike and my dad is taking his motorbike, I am also bringing a Go pro to film majority of it.

I am planning to use Adobe Premier Pro to edit and create a film.

Here is an image of my motorbike:

Birke Baehr TED Talk

 The main messages I took away from Birke Baehrs TED Talk were if you don’t know where your food came from then find out. Encouraging kids to whanto know were there meat fruit and vegetables came from.

Out of all the research he shared this is what I found to be powerful, people combined fish DNA with tomatoes. they put toxic water  in the ground and that gets in the water.


Richard Turere TED Talk

The main message is that small ideas can grow and become bigger. Violence isn’t always the answer. And if you try really hard and put a lot if time and effort into it you can do it.

He got hes message to the audience by using hummer but not to much because if he used to much they would not get the message. and by being serious.

The technical support he used was. he had a very good slide show.

The presentation techniques he did well was his eye contact was good. His pace was very good. 

‘Thomas Suarez TED Talk’

The main message was that he wants more students to make apps  don’t stop just keep going and follow your dreams

He got the message across to hes audience by using his hands by asking the audience questions.

The technical support he used was the apple store he had an iPad to read of. He had a power point and he had a microphone.

The presentation techniques he used well was he Spock clearly he had a god presentation and he didn’t look at hes iPad he had eye contacted with the audience.

passion project

For my passion project i am going to design a motorbike track and Make a clay model of my design.

I will first.

  • Do some research to find out how long the track should be and What makes a good jump
  • Draw diagrams to show how i will make it
  • Gather materials for the model.

Then i will.

  • Make the base for my model, then the jumps and other features.
  • Label my model
  • Record a time lapse of me creating the model. Then edit.