Rube gold burg machine

I was in a group with James and ben h,  were are boing a rube gold burg machine it hasn’t bine going to wall from the start  but on Tuesday we got a fer amount of work dun.




We added a lot of things lick…

 Some people pooled dawn the pipes and we hat to do it agen and it got better and better and we added a nether part.

This part was rely messy it had so much duck tap and we wade it way neater.

My group  are going to improve the coners and the smothles.

An other rube gold burg Mushin group and min havto  sher the guck tape that I brot in for my group. it ran out and so we had no tape.

some things that went rung.

Only  mettle mules can do it.

I was Uway for 2 sashes and they did a lot.

And we added a gole caper.

For this projected I have wurcd with different people and has challenged me because it was very frustrating sometimes. It defiantly was challenging and fun


On Term 3 week 8A on Monday we left to go to camp. it was a 3 hour drive but worth it. I was in  cabin 4 with Alex Shannon Orlando Aden and Mitch. There was kangaroos lots of birds and more. We got put in groups. There was 4 activates the waterfalls which we did First the pinnacle initiatives  and the high ropes. My favourite activity was the high ropes because I garbed the trupiseam bure on the lip of faith I also did the Tarzan and the loge.


It was fun because I was pot with deferent people so I got to play with new people.

Evrewun in my cabin got no sleep because summwun  in the cabin was snoring and sleep toking.