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The Lost Princes

In this weeks DC clinic we learnt all about the internet and what it does to you if you let it. We watched about a 10 minute video of a couple people and there issues. There was one character called… Continue Reading →

Where would you colonise?

Passion Project update

So far I have looked through my video clips and see which ones are good and which ones are bad. So far I have discovered that more than 50% of my footage was bad because my go-pro was push down… Continue Reading →

Term 3 P.P #1

For this terms passion project I have decided to film my first impressions on the snow. Before I went to the snow I went out and bought a Go Pro hero 5 so we could film my first impressions of… Continue Reading →

Passion Project Reflection

While making my passion project I shade a lot of fun with the help of my dad. He did most of the work because I had a broken wrist. This was a problem because i was in a little pain… Continue Reading →

Day at the fair

In the past 5 lessons we have been working on this thing called day at the fair. We played a game were you payed a dollar and then you can win money or lose money. The jack pot was $5 and the… Continue Reading →

Digital Etiquette

Today we learnt a lot about being kind on the internet and what we should and shouldn’t do, here are some of the things we learnt about Netiquette:                         … Continue Reading →


Think, True Helpful Inspiring necessary kind. All these words are a acronym to the word think and relate to Online talking. Every word is kept and is there forever so everything should fit in one of these words. True, helpful,… Continue Reading →

Passion project #2

So far in my passion project it has gone well, but I broke my rest so it is much harder to make my passion project. So my dad is now helping me with my project. Another difficulty we had was… Continue Reading →

Passion project

For my Passion Project I thought of making a sculpture about all the things i loves using different materials. So at the moment I like play basket ball, soccer, football, cricket and video games. I am interested to see how… Continue Reading →

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