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Passion Project Term 4

So for this terms passion project I thought of giving my mum a gift for Christmas. I have decided to go out and buy some small pieces of wood and stick them together to write my mums name. Carli. I… Continue Reading →

Passion Project Reflection

This terms passion project was really fun because I got to learn so many things. Like during the footage process I learnt how to ski. Skiing was really fun to learn and I can’t wait to go back. I learnt… Continue Reading →

RVE Egypt Comparison Post

The past couple of weeks we have been writing a two page informational piece on a country of our choice. We had to split the two pages into four categories and then research four different things, the flags meanings, the… Continue Reading →

Building Views

Lately in class we have been working on building views. Building views is were you see a 4×4 and there are numbers in each square showing how many squares go up in that square. We got two worksheets which had… Continue Reading →

The Lost Princes

In this weeks DC clinic we learnt all about the internet and what it does to you if you let it. We watched about a 10 minute video of a couple people and there issues. There was one character called… Continue Reading →

Where would you colonise?

Passion Project update

So far I have looked through my video clips and see which ones are good and which ones are bad. So far I have discovered that more than 50% of my footage was bad because my go-pro was push down… Continue Reading →

Term 3 P.P #1

For this terms passion project I have decided to film my first impressions on the snow. Before I went to the snow I went out and bought a Go Pro hero 5 so we could film my first impressions of… Continue Reading →

Passion Project Reflection

While making my passion project I shade a lot of fun with the help of my dad. He did most of the work because I had a broken wrist. This was a problem because i was in a little pain… Continue Reading →

Day at the fair

In the past 5 lessons we have been working on this thing called day at the fair. We played a game were you payed a dollar and then you can win money or lose money. The jack pot was $5 and the… Continue Reading →

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