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Audio Boths

The audio boths are great for many things like, writing pieces, blogs and movies. This video is just audio.

Zoom Camera

This is the Zoom Camera, you used them for audio. Mainly in how to and information videos.  

Green screen

Today we learnt about the green screen and how almost every movie has green screen. Star wars, Harry potter, Indiana Jones, marvel movies, dc movies and so much more. By the way the incredible hulk and hermit the frog would be useless for… Continue Reading →

Shot Gun MIcs

These mics are used for Mid shots to Close ups.  

Shortlists and storyboards

The difference between the two are that storyboards have drawings but shortlist don’t, shortlist have what your goingn to eplain or say storyboards say what the sentence is about.

Lapel mic

The lapel mic is something people will use in talk shows so that you can hear them (example the news might use lapel  mics or something like it).

Royalty Free Music

Copy Right is were you can’t use that music for a movie or play without getting permission and paying lots of money and righting paperwork’s. This is were royalty free music helps you download music for free, bensound is a… Continue Reading →

Adobe Premiere

Adobe is the main editing program we will use this year, enjoy.

Preforming Piece to Camera

Today I learnt how to project my voice and talk with my eyes to the camera.

Point and Shoot Camera

In Point and shoot camera I learnt how to make my photos more interesting using different types of photos. For example Framing were you take a photo throw a different object.

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