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Tinkering is about Makey Makey. This is a sit with a mother board wires and anything to do with converting energy. We controlled pac man using the mother board, we used vegetables because anything that has water in it concerts… Continue Reading →


Today we started a new program called “ELECTRONICS”. We started of with five questions to answer. This shows what I have learnt and researched about electricity. Sense we already know a lot about electricity (because research we did) we were… Continue Reading →


Dance party Today in design we started a new project, Scratch. Scratch is a web sight were you program and make games and story’s and so can much more, but first you need a accounts so you can share your projects with… Continue Reading →

Melting Pot Review

Melting pot is a book for people that like to read the past. It is a great book about a boy called Edward and his Chinese name is Chek Chee. His dad is Chinese but his mums Australian so at… Continue Reading →

Origami Fraction Pinwheels

Today in maths year 5 were given a peace of paper that looked like this We had to get all four corners into the centre were the white is. This is how you got all four corners into the centre…. Continue Reading →

Rube Goldberg Machine

Designing Todays the day my group could get start on designing our Rube Goldberg machine. Here’s a video of me working Rube Goldberg Design-1dn326b   Building Finally we could get started on our rube Goldberg Machine, I had brought in some marbles and… Continue Reading →

Simple Machines

Simple machines Today we were told that in three different design lesson we were going to make three different simple machines : Mrs Watson was teaching us how to make simple machines out of Lego, Mr Colbert was teaching us how… Continue Reading →


What is MicroWorlds MicroWorlds is a app where you program a turtle to, make shapes, moving objects and random things that you can think of. Fd-move forward Bk-move backwards Rt-turn right Lt-left turn Pd-pen down/need to use to draw Pu-pen… Continue Reading →


First Task: On Friday 13th of may, 5C had to try make a kite out of a rectangle shaped piece of paper. Some of us got really close to making a kite one made on the others struggled. I was close… Continue Reading →

Lego Robotics

Building Process Today year 5 started Lego Robotics. We were divided into groups of three, one kid from each class. We were then told the number and find our robot. I was number nineteen so our group met up at robot  nineteen. this… Continue Reading →

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