so with my planter box my father and I have built the 3 frames and now up to cutting the outer layer witch is Merbau and Merbau is decking wood.

The challenges

the challenges were getting the frames together being the first time we have built a planter box from scratch. we had to work out what we needed like pats of wood nails what tools to put it all together.




Today in rve we learnt about digital citizenship and how it can affect our lives and how we need to keep where and see what we are doing.

Kieran had a problem that he could not stop playing video games so it interfered with his life and how he can not focus on what he can do like homework then dropping out of school and knowing that he needs help.

He dropped out of school so he was not getting his work done and also having health issues.

He got a therapist to talk to and help stop the playing of the video games. after he spoke to the therapist he tried to get his friends back.

To stop him playing the games as much his friends can Try to control the amount of  time he was spending on the video games as much.

Know what you are doing and make sure that you know the amount of time you are spending on technology. this will control the way you are acting in life.

passion project

for my passion project my father and I.  Are building from  scratch a gardening veggie box so far we have found some old wood in the backyard and with that I have been practising my saw in a strata line witch is very important and doing the measurements of the box on how big it will be.

It is going to be 34cm 45cm and the length is 80cm. we are going to be using decking wood for the wall and the frame is going to be 3/1/2

this is a sketch of the plan.

Passion Project

I have just finished editing my Passion Project, so now I am  getting people to look over it to see if I need to change something but all the feedback has been positive.

My dad and mum were the biggest help in all of this because they have helped me put it all together, but the biggest support was dad, because he did all the filming for me and helped me think of what I was going to say.

The editing along the way was just small and then finishing it all at the final stage, I did this to make the final edit more manageable.

The biggest challenge I faced was having to learn and understand tying the knot that is most beneficial to fishing. It is important to adjust the equipment used, to best serve in catching fish.

Looking back on my passion project journey and watching the video back, I have realised how much new things I’ve learned about fishing and myself. I have also enjoyed this experience.

win at the fore

the start of the proses was to make a fun board that could still be in tie sing so people would like and play at the fore and then we had to test it and sea if it could work.

not the greatest for the school.

my creative game bored was better but it was still not the creates for the school and I also do not think it is probable because if you look at the numbers there in tie sing but not for some that loses.

so I had a in tie sing bored is that I give 1 or 2 5 doles bring the people in and so they will play and you have a 14 out of 100 chance to get it.










I think trolls are when people are saying things online that can maybe disturb others that can heart them in all different ways.

flaming is when some can have a comment and a rood replay back and it then terns in to a online fight and you should never be with and supporting.

anonymous is when someone can fake a name instead of having a reel name so there name could be Theo or it could be Lachlan.

netiquette means all the definitions that I have explained and can also mean to say a helpful comment and chairing  to come across in a way that is true and not bad and offensive.


think online

I think online can be a really deaneries place because its were people can get bulled its not the best don’t get stuck with so think before you do what you are saying online don’t have fun have fun in a controlled infirmity.

true: I think what true means to be honest on what you are saying don’t have fake name or personality you need to be some about what type of person you are.

helpful: thinking to be helpful on a online site means if some one asked you a questing you should be a help and give them a idea or the answer.

inspiring: inspiring can mean have a talk with them to make a choice about what they should and shouldn’t be saying so think about before you type.

necessary: that word necessary is like if I say a joke I should think is it rood to say how am I talking to will it funny or inappropriate.

kind: kind is like if you make a new friend online make Shure that they just what your details like a phone number and there want to be your friend be safe not open.



With my project I’m practising by putting the rod together then taking it apart and repeating the process. My dad has been a big help, because he taught me how to do all the tricks, it is great fun getting to film and organise the film, I’m also enjoying explaining to my parents what I’m doing within the filming process.

This is a reel taken off the rod.


What I want to do is a fishing tutorial on how to set the rod up like the [ NOTS HOOK SINGKER ]

The setting might be out side at a river or the see on a dock with some fishing appliances behind me.