FAY’S [999]

the project was about getting nine numbers and those nine numbers were [1 to 9] but it all had to add up to [999] but it couldn’t add up to [999] so it just has to add to [19] [18] [8] and then you can carry over [1] number from [19] and [18] so it can equal an even number.

I thought at the start it was a bit hard but then I figured out how to do it like carrying over so it could equal.

that most of the answers I got had [829] were in allot so that was hard in a way because you needed to get unique solves.

I break the problem in to little parts like doing a [1] row at a time then worked out what will go with it to make [100].

there was one answer that we needed to figure out I did not work it out but the answer is [180] but I did find a pattern and so what I did is finding the first row and then look for a number that is close t the one across from it and then add up to [19] or [9].

I got as far as getting to explaining it and showing all the solitons and how to do it.

the start of the project was challenging because I didn’t really understand it that you could carry the [1] number over to get the answer.


This term my passion project will be Building A Table Top for my mum. She has the frame which used to be a sewing machine. I want to build a solid wooden top to make a table. At this stage, all I know is that I will measure to size, cut the wood, sand it down and then attach it to the frame. Then I will put decking oil on top. At the moment I don’t know what type of wood I’m going to use but when I do I will use dad’s saw to cut it. The table is for outside on the deck so that is why we are using decking oil so it can weather.

that is a similar design to what it will be like.


passion project #3

Now that I have finished my passion project I’m happy about the outcome. I enjoyed spending the time with my dad and talking about how his life was before he was married.

The challenging parts were putting the box together without having a bench press holding the wood in place. This was because when I drilled, my dad had to hold the 2x4inch pieces of wood, which could very easily move without support of a bench press. The other challenge was the accuracy of getting the decking wood (which was merbau) in line perfectly with each piece. If they weren’t centred the wood will split.

After I finished building the box, we then painted it with decking oil to get a dark shine,  giving it a dark wood colour. At the moment it is in the shed and we have some plans to plant it in the garden over the holidays.



The last couple of rve lesson we have been writing about a country I choice Mexico and then I studied and how it is different to as.

The different part of the country to as is the food but we also eat it to. it is also very spicy. we do have spicy goodness but they are the true chilly taste.


They have very good sport like soccer also bull fighting

bull fitting is not popular other then span and Mexico.

The similarities are same food like tacos

what will we need to get used to

the different types of food and the Colter how they live so you would get used for the family ways.

building views

in class we started a new project in maths building views we had to get to sheets and follow what it was and we had to build the view and then draw it in to our book and the right the (maximum minimum variations).

the strategies I used were making it and building the shape on the sheet and then find out how many it took to build like 22 was the maximum minimum was 6 that was hard so I just chide to brake it down as much as I could.

what I found challenging is braking it down to find the minimum number witch is 6.

I learnt more about algebra then I new and how to visualise It and having to add it all up with number sentences like.



so with my planter box my father and I have built the 3 frames and now up to cutting the outer layer witch is Merbau and Merbau is decking wood.

The challenges

the challenges were getting the frames together being the first time we have built a planter box from scratch. we had to work out what we needed like pats of wood nails what tools to put it all together.




Today in rve we learnt about digital citizenship and how it can affect our lives and how we need to keep where and see what we are doing.

Kieran had a problem that he could not stop playing video games so it interfered with his life and how he can not focus on what he can do like homework then dropping out of school and knowing that he needs help.

He dropped out of school so he was not getting his work done and also having health issues.

He got a therapist to talk to and help stop the playing of the video games. after he spoke to the therapist he tried to get his friends back.

To stop him playing the games as much his friends can Try to control the amount of  time he was spending on the video games as much.

Know what you are doing and make sure that you know the amount of time you are spending on technology. this will control the way you are acting in life.

passion project

for my passion project my father and I.  Are building from  scratch a gardening veggie box so far we have found some old wood in the backyard and with that I have been practising my saw in a strata line witch is very important and doing the measurements of the box on how big it will be.

It is going to be 34cm 45cm and the length is 80cm. we are going to be using decking wood for the wall and the frame is going to be 3/1/2

this is a sketch of the plan.

Passion Project

I have just finished editing my Passion Project, so now I am  getting people to look over it to see if I need to change something but all the feedback has been positive.

My dad and mum were the biggest help in all of this because they have helped me put it all together, but the biggest support was dad, because he did all the filming for me and helped me think of what I was going to say.

The editing along the way was just small and then finishing it all at the final stage, I did this to make the final edit more manageable.

The biggest challenge I faced was having to learn and understand tying the knot that is most beneficial to fishing. It is important to adjust the equipment used, to best serve in catching fish.

Looking back on my passion project journey and watching the video back, I have realised how much new things I’ve learned about fishing and myself. I have also enjoyed this experience.