Term 1 Goal


This term has just started and we were told to set a goal to do with our schooling. We were told about smart goals and the acronym is



Action – based




I want to…

I want to be more patient when working in groups.


I want to achieve this goal because…

I want to achieve this goal because it will make working in groups easier.


Action – say three actions you will take to start to achieve your goal. They must be specific.

1. Let some things go by not acting on it and continuing with what I need to do.

2. Put my self in their shoes.

3. Ask people ,that haven’t talked much, questions.


Choose a goal where there is a real chance that you will be successful.


I think this goal is realistic for me because…

I think this goal is realistic for me because if I follow my actions I can achieve this goal. And I am not that impatient so there isn’t going to be too much effort needed to achieve this goal by the end of this term.


How long do you estimate it will take to achieve your goal?

I think it will take me approximately…


I think it will take me approximately 6 weeks – 1 term to achieve this goal but I will continue doing it just like any other skill.

Short Film Progress

For the last week of school we all had to choose a group and make a short film. Our film is a remake of The Real house Wives of Melbourne. We have started our script and have costumes so we are ready to film. Our genres are reality and comedy. Here is our script.



Real house wives of Geelong College

Ella = Kendall gates

Brooke = Rihanna Adams

Darcey = Niki Pines

Emily guest sister of Alyssa = Laquisha Hampton

Alyssa= Kylie Hampton

Montana- Britany Bank’s


Genre – Reality/comedy


Scene 1-

All of the housewife’s in front of the green scene.

All in a poses for the opening shoot.

Holding the Geelong College symbol


Scene 2-

Previously on real house wife’s of Geelong College

Rihanna saying- previously on real house wife’s of Geelong College

Kendall and Niki got a fight about how Kendall went off with Niki’s husband.

And then Niki found out. It all went downhill from there. While footage of them fighting playing.


Scene 3-

They are all out for breakfast while Niki has done a no show.

There all wondering what has happened to Niki.

Rihanna went over to Niki’s house after breakfast and talking about breakfast and Kendall


Rihanna peace to camera.


Scene 4-

Rihanna is at Niki’s house and tells her what Kendall said about her.


Britany, Kylie and Kendall are at Kendall’s house and call Nikki to ask why you are angry at me.



Scene 5-

They all go out to dinner and Kendall calls rob (Niki’s husband) to clear up that he took Kendall for a walk but he doesn’t know that he is on speaker phone and says things the he doesn’t want Niki to hear but she does.


Scene 6-

Next time on. Does Niki decide to get a divorce?


Clip of Niki signing divorce papers and says I am sick of this and rob while covering the camera.




#amaze_them update

My group is going very well and being very productive with the process. We have finished our shotlist which is were we plan out what we will have in our advertisement film. We have organised an assembly at junior school next term. We also have wrote a list of what skills, drills and warm ups we will do with them. I think that we are ready to make the advertising film. We just need to write our script for the assembly.


Where are you at with planning for your project?

Inquiry #Amaze_Them plan of attack

Before we can start to teach kids how to play Netball we first need to email the head of sports down at junior school to get permission to go down for a few lunchtimes. Then if we get the go ahead from the sports department at junior school we can write a list of skills to teach them after that we will gather up some netballs and bibs to teach them what we think they need to know.


We don’t really need to research anything because they are younger then us and they don’t need to know much more then what we know.


We need to learn how to get our message out there that we will be teaching kids how to play netball some lunchtimes.

Keep calm and make a plan

#Amaze_Them Pitch Experience

I think that pitching our #Amaze_Them project was really good experience because when we are older it will be a good skill to have just knowing how to make and what the layout of a pitch is and also what parts of the idea you have to cover.


Also writing the pitch made me think about what I need to do and stuff that I wouldn’t have thought about if I didn’t write a pitch.

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