China RVE Cultures

In the past two weeks we have been doing, a segment in RVE about country’s and
I did china as my country. I chose this country because I thought it would be interesting. I mean it is just that I new most of the things.
The differences between Australia and china is that they have Chinese New Year.

The similarities are that they like to wear bright and colourful colours and heaps
of dresses. In addition, they have noodles and like to play many sports including
tennis, basketball and soccer.

If I lived there, I would be used to all that stuff and think that Australia was
the different one. However, if I went there now, I would think it was different.
Nevertheless, I think I would like it. I would go there now if I could because it
looks interesting and I think I might like Chinese New Year’s.

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Passion Project

My passion project is about Noosa, and how I like to go there. It is a slideshow of photos that have been taken over my years that I have been there. I did this topic because I like Noosa and wanted to share about it and because it is my passion to go there every year. I have been there every year since I was two. It is my passion to swim at the beach, some hikes and to watch the sunrise and the sunset. I like to go there with my family and have fun. I have done the editing and put in the pictures that we found. I have just got to export it to the k drive.

Passion Project #2

For my passion project this term, I will be doing it on my holydays to Noosa. In it, I will put the photos we take of Noosa. I thought of this idea because I have been to Noosa every year since I was 2 years old. I also chose this topic to show how much I love Noosa and to show my passion for it.
We stay in different places every time witch is good. We love to go to the beach and walk around the shops. And watch the sun set. This is why I want to do my passion project on Noosa.

The Lost Princess

Today in triple r, we went on with digital citizenship. We had to choose one of the three people to do it on. We could choose from Lucy, Kieran and charlotte. I chose charlotte.
Charlotte faced a problem of lying about her age online and shared here email and password.
I affected her life because she got court up with her phone, stopped talking to her family, and said stuff that she did not mean.
She resolved the issue by finally talking to her mum about it.
I think the massage to me is that you should never ever share your phone number or personal details with someone you do not know. And to not talk to people you do not know.

Term 2

This term in year 6 has been a busy one. We have done ted talks, passion projects and much, much more. At the start of the term, we started our first passion project. “P.S we have to do another one next term.” I don’t have that many passions so this was really hard. I even asked my parents to help me think. They had nothing. Therefore, I just did baking. It was not the best but it was not the worst, I hope. Everyone laughed at it so it could not be the worst. I wonder what I will do next term.

Going onto the ted talks. I did mine on hope and how you should always have hope. We all had to do a story clip witch we would share with the year fives, fours and all of the year sixes. I think mine was pretty good if I may say so myself but it is all up to the audience. We get to choose if we also want to do a live talk. I think I will do one but I do not know.

In math this term, I think I did well. I even entered a math contest for next term. I think math will be something I will never understand.

In writing I have done some pieces that are published but not on the writers workshop wall. I have some good seeds in my seed book that I need to create into pieces. I am better at the writing part more that the reading like how I am a good catcher and not so good thrower.
My goals for next term are. 1keeping locker clean. 2 listen on the floor. 3 pick a better topic for passion project.

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I really like this book. It is a really good book because it is a love story and is about luck. who would enjoy this book. everyone. well mainly girls but boys to. when I start to read this book and can not stop. it has fifty chapters but short ish. I also like it because it is a true story about a girl that doesn’t believe in luck well at least not the good kind. she believes in love.

Editing Stage

In my passion project now, I am up to the editing stage. I am almost finished that. Then I have to film about the icing and then transfer that onto my laptop from my phone, Put it into moviemaker and edit that. I have found that the planning stage was a bit hard because I started late and that we were a little behind. I think the easy bit was to transfer the video because all I had to do was put the lead into my phone and my laptop agree to let my laptop go onto my phone. Then I selected the pictures and did the transfer.

Boy Over Board

We have just finished a book called boy over board by Morris gleitzman. The story genre is adventure and culture. The story is about a young boy and girl called Jamal and Bibi who live in Afghanistan. It is hard over there because there government won’t let there be schools and won’t let the girls outside without a parent. Than they moved to were Jamal and Bibi thought was Australia but it was really refugee camp. They caught a boat over to the refugee camp but not with their parents. They had lost them in a big crowd of people, and they went on separate boats. They met some people called rashida and Omar. They became close friends along the way with many similarities. Like Omar’s parents died and rashida is a girl, so she was especially close to Bibi.

Win At The Fair

This week in math, we are doing win at the fair. It is a game were you are at a far for school and you try to raise money. We had to come up with our own honeycomb board on maths 300. We had to try to make at least $300 or more. However, we had to let them get some money back as well. I put zero as the 3 top ones, 25 cents as the next to, then 50 cents for the next two, $4 and then $5 for the bottom two. We had to try this 1000 times. Then we just had to get up calculator and type in 1000 – (whatever number you got) I got 778 witch = 332. Therefore, that means that the school got $332 and the school lost $778. I think this worked out because we got over $300. but we also lost $778 witch is bad as well.

Passion Projects

This is my 3rd post on my passion project. This is the planning phase.

In my passion project I have done my filming and on my way to uploading from my phone to my laptop.

I have faced some problems on the way like not knowing what I was going to do and panicking for when I will be filming and getting around to putting it onto my laptop.
However, to my surprise I am actually not that far behind. The way I have overcome these problems is by taking a few deep breaths and talking to my parents and waiting until the weekend to film.