Passion Project Term 4

So for my passion I did a photo book with all images I took myself and I was going to give it to my parents and grandparents for Christmas.

I finished what I wanted to do in the first place my Gran helped my out with some photos and what to take photos of and so did my brother and sister, But about 80 present of the photos were taken by me. I finished the book and it was just the way I wanted it. I didn’t come across many challenges apart from when time to make the book at officeworks. I made the book at officeworks by using one of the machines there to make it. So pretty much how I made the book was pick a cover, pick a template some templates for the one page could have one, two or three photos. then place the photos in on the page. Then I ordered two copies. It took about a week for the books to come through.

Here the end product.

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