Fay’s Nine’s Reflection

Fay’s Nine’s is a pattern based project. You start with a 3×3 grid and have to fill the grid up numbers¬†one though to nine. You can’t repeat number twice. all number in the grid going vertically¬†down must add up to nine.

When I started playing with this problem I wanted to be able to get an answer, then find a small pattern to then explore and find a pattern that will be much easier to find an answer.

I noticed a pattern which was the column on the right must be 19 then the middle column must be 18 then the left column must be 8. Then since it’s 19 then you carry the one to 18 which makes that 19 then carry the 1 again which makes 8+1=9 so it all equals up to 999.

I broke the project into manageable parts by doing 8, 2 and 9. Then I found out that you can make 6 unique answers with 8, 2 and 9. so then I can do 7, 3 and 9 or 6, 4 and 9 or another combo and they each have 6 unique answers by swapping the number positions around.

I found out the answer by going 6×36=180. I missed out on one lesson but I would say I finished the problem and I have already explained the units column strategy.

I found it challenging starting off because you just need to get one answer to get you started then it’s pretty much all patterns. I also found it a little challenging to find the final answer but I got help from friends and teachers.


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