Passion Project Term 4 #Description

For my passion project this term I need to make something for my family or make something with a family member. So I’m going to make a photo album of photos with plants/flowers and animals in it. Most of the photos will be at my grandparents farm. So after I take about twenty to thirty photos, I’m going to go to Officeworks and use the machines that they have to make the book. In the book there will be photos with colourful borders around them and the book it’s self will have a nice leather or some sort of stylise look to it. Once the book is complete I’m going to give it to my grandparents and possibly to my mum and dad as well. I’m going to give it to them as a Christmas present for all the things they do for me. So that’s what I’m doing for my Passion Project and I will insert a teaser image in and I can’t wait to find out what I can take photographs of.


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