Passion Project Update #Reflection

With my table I finished varnishing all of my table. If you don’t know what varnish is or what it does. Varnish helps protect the wood and prevents it from scratches and marks. It also makes the wood have a shine. It took me a while to put the varnish on using a paint brush, because you need to cover ever centimeter of the wood so it all looks the same. I even had to do the table legs. I had to do two coats to make it look better and so it has more protection. After I did the Varnish it was finished.


I learnt what Varnish does and how it helps the wood. I didn’t face any challenges along the way. My idea was to sand back the table and varnish it, along the way that idea didn’t change. The hardest thing that I faced was to sand the little groves because there are so small and on a hard angle. other than that I had no challenges and enjoyed doing up the table.