Mexico RVE Country

For the last couple of lessons we have been researching a different country. I chose Mexico because I don’t know much about the culture and religion in Mexico.

Some differentions

  •  They have a sport called bullfighting which is where you get put in a area with a bull or a cow and you tease it and injury in then you finally kill the animal.
  • Mexicans where bright and colourful clothing, that is very sun smart and made from natural resources.
  • In Mexico some food is spicy and gives that kick of spice of different food types.

Some similarities.

  • On the Australian flag we have red, blue and white. On the Mexican Flag they have red and white as well.
  • Mexico has a day called Day of the dead, it’s where they remember there friends and family who have died, we have ANZAC Day which is where we remember who died for our freedom
  • language, in Mexico most people speak Spanish, But we mostly speak English

If I lived in Mexico I would need to get used to the food and culture because their culture and food is much different to ours.

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