Building View Reflection

In class we started a new project called ‘Building Views’. What we had to do was get small wood cubes and a sheet and if the sheet said that we had to put the building two story’s high then I will  have to put two blocks on top of each other, (that means the building is two story’s high), same with three blocks and with one block you just put one block down. we also had to try and make the building view.

Then we had to make the building view with the least amount of blocks and the most amount of blocks. The strategy I used was to look at the building view and if I needed to take one away I would if I didn’t need it. Then with the most amount of blocks I would place blocks every where but If I didn’t need one there because it didn’t match the building view then I would take it away.

What I found a little challenging was just finding the maximum and minimum and if it works or not that’s what I found a little challenging.

I learnt how to draw present and make the buildings than last year.


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