The Lost Princess

Today we watched a fifth-teen minute film titled ‘the Lost Princess’. It was about being safe on the internet and not accepting friend requests from people you don’t know and  sharing  your address and email or phone number. The character Kieran kept playing video games all day and sometimes in the night. Kieran had a seriously bad addiction to video games and didn’t realise that until he was about fifth-teen years old.

The problem Kieran encountered was playing t0 many video games and playing for about ten hours a day and he wouldn’t get off when his mum or dad told him to get off. But when ever his mum or dad said get off he wouldn’t. His dad said he would take his PlayStation, Xbox or pc away but he begged to Have it and he wouldn’t play as much but he just played more. It affected him by playing to much and it affected his eyes and he didn’t socialise with his friends, if he had some. One day Kieran went up to his dad and itmited that he had a concerning issue and his dad put him with group of people who helped people like him. Soon enough he was hanging out with friends. I think should have limated his hours playing video games and than the issue wouldn’t have accorded.

The biggest message I took away was to not share your private information with anyone and don’t friend people you don’t know. And if your playing video games or on technology don’t be on it for too long.




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