Passion Project Term 3

For my passion Project I’m refurbishing a little table around 35cm x 35cm. My Gran asked my brothers and myself if we wanted to do it, I thought about it and thought I could do that for my passion project. So I rose to the challenge and accepted it. I started working on it little. I’ve only sanded the flat top but I’m making progress unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the beginning product, but I have a photo of the top, so I will include that down below.

What I’m planning to do is sand the whole product and put 2 coats of clear invisible varnish on it so that when I have finished the product it won’t got scratches as easy.

This table will be used to put coffee cups on it when watching TV or talking with people face to face, or maybe on the phone.


For my table, I have just finished sandy the legs of the table with sand paper. My Grandpa said that I would need to cut a little strip of sand paper off and use it to sand the little groves on the legs. it took me a long time to do it but it was worth it, but after I finished my hands were rough form the sand paper. Now I’m going to go to Bunnings to get latex and use a paint brush and put 2-3 layers of latex on then I will be finished.


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