Digital Etiquette

NETIQUETTE: is a combination of network and etiquette. The word means like how to behave on the web/internet.

FLAMING/FLAME WARS: is were someone says something bad or an insult that makes someone angry and then the other person starts saying things back and then its a war.

INTERNET TROLLS: is a person who starts flame wars and says an insult that may not be true but might start a flame war.

ANONYMOUS: means that your keeping yourself unknown to other people.

COMMUNICATING CLEALY : is were you need to make sure what your about to say won’t hurt anyone like no caps lock because someone might think your yelling at them and maybe send Emojis so that people know what your emotion is and never use shortcuts when texting to teachers like see u 2morrow.

PERMISSION: is were you need to ask someone if it’s okay to post an image of them if you get okay hen sure post it if it’s necessary.

What Tim means by if it’s out it’s out he means once you text someone something bad or rude you can’t get it back unless you can remove the post.







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