Digital Citizenship

Today we learnt about how to act online on for example Social media, On the internet, On a computer, On a Xbox or PlayStation. Mr Henderson showed this poster and I’m going to explain what it means its about the word THINK. T= is it true, is it true what you are going to say or post if not than your not telling the truth and that is lying. H= is it Helpful, Is what your about to post or say helpful about the person or  is it going to put down someone or will it hurt someone, if so don’t post it. I= is it inspiring, if it is inspiring then post it and hopefully someone might see it and be inspired and do something good, if is isn’t inspiring than don’t post it if it isn’t helping or inspiring someone. N= is it necessary, if it isn’t necessary than just don’t post it, if it is necessary sure ahead and post it if you have looked at all the letters. K= is it kind, if it is kind to someone that you are saying or doing if so than go ahead and post. It might even make someone’s day.


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