Billiard Ball Bounces

Formula:  [(L ÷ LCF) + (W ÷ LCF)] =ans. I used many strategies to get close to an answer I mainly used trial an error but ted and I collected a lot of data and tried to figure out a pattern and we did, ted and I found the pattern to the corners.

my  challenges came from the main formula, it was very difficult and I couldn’t think about how the LCF could fit in with the bounces. I was very amazed when Hugo and Will found out the formula.

this problem (finding the formula/pattern for the amount of bounces until the ball goes in the hole.) has been very fun. First we learn our task and played around with it then we went into researching mode and gathered information. Finally we figured it out and see if it worked.





My passion project journey with lewis has been quite successful so far. We have done one of our many adventures and we plan to do 1 or 2 more, lewis and I have more time to film with each other near my party and i already have a track planned. in our visit to wangorratta we did our first adventure and it was really fun because we filmed it like a bear grills adventure but it was starring lewis and josh instead. we took photos and we plan to make a map to show were and how we climbed walked or ran up the mountain. At first lewis and i went exploring with oisi and we found this really cool mountain and we went to the top and lewis thought it would be a really good idea to do a part of our passion project on it but lewis or oisi didnt bring his phone so we had to walk back down and climb back all the way back up.

lewis had all the images =[


my passion project this term is going to be on hidden tracks and were they lead to. Some of the tracks will be sort cuts and some will take you to a beautiful area that you would have never found.I will take pictures and videos of the track and talk about were you can find them then I will use google maps and highlight the track so that you can get a birds eye view. I will talk for short bits at a time explaining about the track, I hope to join up with lewis because that was our plan but if not I will do this by my self and lewis has his backup plan. I hope to get 6 done =)


Lately in project maths we  have been working on building views and how to create the right building view. We mainly worked on making the views and how moving different blocks can effect your front view or your side view. you also had to show your working out and show a grid. The grid showed were and how many blocks there were on the 4×4 grid.The rest of the unit we did maths 300 and figured out 5×5 4×4 and   3×3 , in maths 300 there were 2 more views right and back which     made the problems a little harder.

The hardest part was the variation because the were very time consuming and hard to figure out every single variation.



My passion project has mainly been a success but I have also found many things challenging such as screen recording. I have had many errors such as performing a disappearing act and not saving!!L In addition, I hope to overcome that today. Another challenge was the creative cloud they are always challenging and always push my patience. When you think something is going to work it stuffs up in the middle of your screen recording!! However, it is always just a matter of takes before It works out.


I’m up to finalising my premier product and just putting in the final touches and transitions. In all I have learnt a lot about the adobe learning program and had a lot of fun

pp post


So far, with my passion project process I have discovered many new things thanks to my general curiosity and Doctor Tim kitchen who works for the adobe education department of the Asia pacific. He came in on the 29th of august to teach everyone a bit about adobe and how to work its complicated programs. He had 3 sessions to teach us about adobe so he started with my favourite program adobe Photoshop were you could swap heads with your best friend and make your cat form orange to green. He taught me a lot about layers and some other techniques I didn’t know about, but I was pretty up to date with adobe Photoshop. Next was the program that I struggled so much with in term 1 and 2 in #amaze which is adobe character animater. I found out so much and I think everyone did as well. Last but not least it was a program that I hadn’t herd of and it was called adobe spark and this is what I made with this amazing online website that you can get for free.

I am going to include all these application in my passion project and do a bit of both.

#PP update post


I chose split point lighthouse because of it interesting history and stories, hers is its history. the lighthouse was built in 1891 and was operated manually by a lighthouse keeper until 1919 when it was turned into an automatically functioned lighthouse. but have you ever wondered before the lighthouse was built well I have. I found out that its shipwreck coasts hero by saving  numerous ships from disaster by leading them to shore and showering the reef and rock with lights so that the boats could avoid them. the government let the shipwreck coast clean up 10 ships and did nothing about. then something must’ve clicked because they decided to build the famous split point lighthouse or white lady or the eagles nest.


 here’s a cool story that I learnt while researching. in the olden days 1891- 1919 the globe of the light had this black paint so the light didn’t shine at the town it shined out to sea. the light keeper scratched off a bit of the paint so the light would shine in the direction of the pub and it did so he went down to the pub and could see that the lighthouse was working.


this is a great story that you could re-enact and it should be easy for footage. the story is important to the history of the surf coast and you can add that story if you want.

lost princess

today in RRR we went on a magical journey through the land of the internet, and some of it was true and some of it was false. it brought up some thoughts about real problems and real scares. here is a real story about a boy called Kieran and I will be telling you his story and what I learnt from it.

Kieran got his first console at the age of 7 and he quickly got addicted. he was so addicted that when his friends were over he just played on his console, so he eventually lost his friends. his dad had warned him that he needs help but he didn’t listen. when he turned 15 decided that he needed help so he told his dad and he went into rehab. his life is now back on track and he is doing jobs and helping his dad.

I think Kieran should have listen to his dad then he wouldn’t have got addicted and wouldn’t have gone to rehab. I take away that not just the internet is a dangerous place, gaming is also a dangerous place getting addicted.

win at the fair

over the past few weeks we have been playing, collecting data, making and testing our win at the fair boards. win at the fair is a board game, its were you roll 2 dice and the number your dice equals determines were you move up, left, right etc. it cost $1 dollar to play but you could win some awesome prizes like $5,$4 and a lot more. we played this version of the game, a lot, for fun and to get more information because, we had to put that information into a tally. so we could see if we had made money or lost money and we figured out that we had lost money so Mr Henderson assigned us the task of making a successful but enticing board game that will win us money. or goal was to make 300 – 400 dollars.

I made a board and it wasn’t perfect the first time so I had to do some tweaking to it. I worked out that you want to change the dice movements so that you have more moves going up and less going to the sides because all my prize money was on the sides like most peoples.




this was my final copy and it performed well I think its enticing because it has high prizes and costs very little, peoples eyes get drawn to dollar signs and big numbers so I put a big number and lots of dollar signs and I still made $351.40. I had a good time during this process and I hope we can do something similar.=)

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