lost princess

today in RRR we went on a magical journey through the land of the internet, and some of it was true and some of it was false. it brought up some thoughts about real problems and real scares. here is a real story about a boy called Kieran and I will be telling you his story and what I learnt from it.

Kieran got his first console at the age of 7 and he quickly got addicted. he was so addicted that when his friends were over he just played on his console, so he eventually lost his friends. his dad had warned him that he needs help but he didn’t listen. when he turned 15 decided that he needed help so he told his dad and he went into rehab. his life is now back on track and he is doing jobs and helping his dad.

I think Kieran should have listen to his dad then he wouldn’t have got addicted and wouldn’t have gone to rehab. I take away that not just the internet is a dangerous place, gaming is also a dangerous place getting addicted.

win at the fair

over the past few weeks we have been playing, collecting data, making and testing our win at the fair boards. win at the fair is a board game, its were you roll 2 dice and the number your dice equals determines were you move up, left, right etc. it cost $1 dollar to play but you could win some awesome prizes like $5,$4 and a lot more. we played this version of the game, a lot, for fun and to get more information because, we had to put that information into a tally. so we could see if we had made money or lost money and we figured out that we had lost money so Mr Henderson assigned us the task of making a successful but enticing board game that will win us money. or goal was to make 300 – 400 dollars.

I made a board and it wasn’t perfect the first time so I had to do some tweaking to it. I worked out that you want to change the dice movements so that you have more moves going up and less going to the sides because all my prize money was on the sides like most peoples.




this was my final copy and it performed well I think its enticing because it has high prizes and costs very little, peoples eyes get drawn to dollar signs and big numbers so I put a big number and lots of dollar signs and I still made $351.40. I had a good time during this process and I hope we can do something similar.=)

#pp production

my weekend of production was very productive. i filmed lots of takes but I only used 4. I had some wonderful shots and scenery. my parents helped a lot in my production by taking photos, filming me and giving me ideas. I will credit them for their help and support in the final film.

one of the struggles during the process was the production day. every thing up to the production day was perfect my script was done and I had taken lots of photos it was perfect until the production/filming day. on the production day I was tired and hungry for the whole day and it didn’t help with mum constantly changing my script and saying to look alive. but I eventually got over these symptoms and did my passion project with the help of my dad and eve and Charlie fighting in the background. =(

here is some photos  of my successful day? 

me as a reader

I like to find a soft comfortable spot like my bed  or a beanbag with a blanket. I’m a reader who gets engrossed in their book. I’m a very specific reader, I will only read a book if I get engrossed in it but if I don’t I wont read it and that happens a lot but luckily my local book shop knows what I like. I just read one would think the deep and it was great.



birke baehr ted talk

birke beahr did a great ted talk. his was special because he didn’t just MAKE something he researched and studied about his chosen topic. and that was healthy food.

birke baehr had a very strait message it was that the food system was CORUPPED. he talked thurrerly about his topic using hand gestures and some jokes. he didn’t need much technical support because he had learnt his script off by heart. he had so much evidence to back him up and that made his speech great.he got his message across with his tiny winy bit of technical support and his amazing speech he wrote.

Thomas suarez ted talk

today in inquiry we learnt about ted talks.  TED stands for [ T technology, E entertainment, D design]

we watched a clip of this kid, Thomas Suarez doing a ted talk and  we talked about the values of his ted talk.

he was just a boy with a nack for creating games and he was concerned that their wasn’t any tutoruials to help people make a game so he did a ted talk and it was amazing his images and the way he spoke to his audience was excilent. I give him 10/10


Richard turere did a really great ted talk about a problem that has troubled his people for years. LIONS.
they ate his cattle and they gave him BEAUTIFUL sites to wake up to. but he wanted to fix this so he tested/experiment until he found and answer then he tested the answer.
his first idea was fire because he thought that loins were scared of it but they weren’t it just helped them see the cattle even better. so he thought of another way and that was a scare crow. he thought of this because he thought that lions would think that it was him and they would leave the cattle alone. the first night they did but the next was a different story. the second night the loins new something was wrong so they tested the dummy by slashing it with there claws and there estimation was right the dummy was FAKE!!  after that he kept trying he was desperate to find an answer and he did!!
one night  he went out with a torch and flashed it around, and no lions came so he experimented with electrical thing like car batteries and blinking torches and he made a circuit and that circuit scared off the loins. he was noticed by a school and the school offered him a scholarship. he said that a year ago he watched a plane fly over his head and he dreamed about going in one but yesterday he go to experience the experience that he dreamed of.

dc cartoon post

today in triple r we are analysing some cartoon and their meanings

some of these cartoons are really funny and they make you laugh even thought they are a dead bant. they are very funny but they also hold a lot of meaning like the one in class we just analysed had a pic of people on their while a person was drowning. you may think its funny but there is a lot of meaning behind the laughs. what  message can u find?

in this pic that I was analysing this guy was on his computer until 3 in the morning and then he makes the right decision to go to bed but he finds his phone and plays on it for another hour. there are numerous meanings to this cartoon one of the most obvious one is that people are getting to addicted to there phones and people just want to go on their phones not just to play or text just cause they need a phone. is a very important message because its a world problem. the cartoon is still funny but not as much because their is a realistic.


passion project #description.

my passion project so far has been awesome, and I cant wait for filming next week. the next step I think I need to take is to action my script my shot list and my photography. if I do these things it wont just make my film better but itll assure me that ill get it done.

I’ve got a few things I need to do before I start filming

  1. reserve a school camera [Mr Henderson I need to talk to u about that]
  2. clear some time in my agenda for my photos and filming because ill most likely be doing those on the weekend since I get home at 5
  3. be ready to take some beautiful photos because they wont just be waiting for me. so i need to have my phone on me.

I don’t really have a shot list because I spent most of the time on my script but I do have a list of how my film is going to play out.


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