Fay’s Nines

  Today in project maths we whore testing all combinations  in a app called maths 300 then we went on and started by making 18 in the ones column. because we had to find as many ways to make 999 I found 29 solutions but they whore not unique a unique solution is where it is completely different to another. where a solution is where you just swop a two numbers but then it still be a number but not a unique solution.

 this photo I just pot in shows me testing all combinations I got 36 unique solutions. As you can see in the picture you have to have a total of 19 in the units 18 in the tens and 8 in the hundreds if you don’t do this you will not get 999. it is impossible to put 9,8,7 in the hundreds column. all together there whore 180 solutions and 5 ways to make 9. we got all of the information off maths 300.

I relay liked doing this project and learnt lots.