Canada culture

In RVE we have had to find out about a country and then draw the flag and write about it.

i find Canada’s culture very interesting because it has lots of cool stuff to do. the country is home to a big culture did you know that Christianity is the biggest culture representing 67.3% of the population and are followed by people having no religion witch takes up 23.9% of the population.

some Canadian people speak French. last name and appropriate titles should be used until other wise invited to be less formal. and must maintain eye contact when shaking hands.

the country is home to a large population of centres of most coulters of the would. Children can start attending kindergarten at the age of 4 or 5. and school at the age of 6 or 7.

some of the differences of Australia and Canada.

we play footy and they don’t.

we have kangaroo’s and Canada does not.

we have blue in our flag and they do not.

some of the similarities we have.

we both have national parks

we both play tennis

we both have white in our flag.

filming post

I have not finished building my off road go kart because it takes up a lot of time but we are getting there. At the moment we are about to start building a frame for the engine to sit in we have hit a couple of bumps along the way like we spent one night thinking about how to make the kart shorter i think that we might get the kart done by the end of the school holidays.