term 2

this term has been a really good term and i had lots of highlights.

My favourite thing this term was the lighting carnival, which was held, at school we played other schools. I have learnt many things but my favourite thing would be learning how to use the adobe programs like Photoshop for our amaze us. This term we have had the Opportunity to do lots of things like in inquiry we all made an passion project  witch was very fun and go t to show the class our skills i did my passion project on mountain bike riding. we had a chance to make a TED Talk witch was great we got to watch some to like birke baehr and Thomas Suarez was a young app developer. one of my highlights would be when Ed and i got a magnifying glass and a leaf and on a hot day we tried to make the leaf smoke but we nearly made a fire. challenge this term would be having to do a lot more blog posts because we did not have to do that many last year.

I liked presenting my passion project to an audience. It felt great sharing some work I have really worked hard on during the term. Today some of us sheared out passion projects they wore great and looked very good. So good. My favourites would of have to have been Lulu, Zara, will


The structure, The Idea and of course watching it. I loved the way it worked.


The structure worked. She had what her passion was then how to warm up etc.


Again good structure  The music matched Great quality videos and some of the filming.



A knights Tour

Image result for knight chessIn our first session we got a partner and played the game on a laminated board, and wrote down how many squares we got. Hugh and I couldn’t find a solution with the strategy of filling in the corners first, so we were not successful in the first session. in project maths we are doing a knights tour a knights tour is were a counter has to touch all of the 64 checkers on a chess board but can not touch the same square twice. i learnt that if you use the strategy of fill in the worst squares first and every time i got 64. i also found out that it was very hard to get 64 on the board. because it took lots of time and it was essayer to do it because you got result’s quicker  i found a challenge was remembering how to do a legal move. Next we explored the game on maths 300. At first I found the game confusing for me but then I worked it out. I found some useful strategy’s I found that worked. They were working around the board in a circle then filling up the gaps.


me as a reader

  • looks like – Me in bed
  • sounds like – silent
  • feels like – calm


I like books that have;

Great description


and Humour

My favourite book is American sniper


I have nearly finished editing my mountain bike riding film. I have enjoyed this part of the film making it all go together. because I had a lot of footage to work with and in the end it turned out really well. For the editing I did a lot of things. One of the main changes I did to the footage was making the making the me go slower in the background different. I thought that this was a really cool effect and that it made it more interesting to watch. I used this feature throughout most of my film. I also found the credits really hard because i can not make them roll.

digital etiquette


  1. Provide as much information as you can when writing your definitions:
  • Netiquette code of conduct that you follow for beaver
  • Flaming / Flame Wars  someone starts a online argument.
  • Trolls people who start flame wars
  • Anonymous people don’t know who you are.
  • Communicating clearly (give at least three examples) don’t type in cap locks, don’t say stuff that is a joke. don’t say stuff you don’t mean.
  • Permission always ask for permission if you want to post a picture of someone

what does Tim mean when he says once your massage is out it is out. it mean when you send a message

Image result for tim and moby