Thomas suarez ted talk

we watched Thomas do his ted talk it about how anybody can make a app. some techniques he used was make your audience laugh. to make him on stage he was taking notes so he did not mess up. TED stands for technology entertainment design ted talks were created decades ago before computers were in every house. Thomas was using a range of presentation techniques to keep them engaged by walking around a little bit but not too much and on a large screen behind him of his apps. the app i liked the most was the bustin jeiber because i was about Justin Bieber and i hate Justin Bieber.

2 thoughts on “Thomas suarez ted talk

  1. A very good summary Jack! I like that you added what TED actually stands for and obviously paid close attention to how Thomas ‘owned the space’ as Mr. Henderson spoke about. Well done! I am looking forward to reading more of your blogs…you have an entertaining way of writing.

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