made it to the production stage of my passion project. I have about  finished  my filming and when that’s done I’m ready to edit! I found some different ways to film, some really good camera angles. I think that it was really cool how I did the angle showing the me doing a drop of. i have lots of angles like a low angle and i had some full shots like when i do a jump. some of the challengers i had was that i did not have much time. in the link there is a video on some of my filming.

project maths


Win at the fair

i exploded the game win at the fair with ed. i realised that $5.00 did not come up that much and 50 cents you got a lot the hole class all together go 102 50 cents.

today in project maths we have been doing a project called win at the fair. for 20c i got 17 50c i got 9 $1 i got 5 $2 i got 13 $3 i got 17 $4 i got 5 and for $5 i got 6. i can make a board that the school can make a good prophet so in the photo there is my board. we collected our darter by making a graph in our books. i began using the virtual game

birke baehr ted talk

today we watched another ted talk. it was a boy 11 years old he talked about  how you should buy your food of organic farmers or people you know. farmers that don’t use sprayers are called lunatics because most farmers use chemicals to kill the bugs and seed that has been in a laboratory’s and if it rains after you seed or spray it will flow into the water ways and then poison the water. he said that he went to a farm to volunteer so he can see how is meat is made. he said that his cousins dad said to him does he want organic cereal or some prosiest cereal he said that bill told him not to eat the prosiest food so he said that he wanted the organic cereal. the techniquel support used was a big screen and photos.

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Digital citizenship

this session in triple R we are working on digital citizenship.

i believe that every interaction online must be:

TRUE because you can not make a story and it is not true

HELPFUL because it should be helpful or it could not be nice

INSPIRING because it should be inspiring so you can help people

NECESSARY because it should be necessary or do not send it

KIND because if it is not kind it could be not nice

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Richard Turere’s TED talk

                                                                                                                                                                    Today in inquiry we watched Richards TED it was about the lion problem in Kenya. his family in Kenya had lots of livestock. so you do not have to kill the lions. fist he made a scare crow but after tow days the lions new it was fake.  you can invent stuff like a flashing light because lions hate flashing lights. Richard got a scholarship best school in Kenya. Richard got the message across by pictures and talking. i think that he used the photos really well and the photos wore on time and it looked really well. he used a big interactive board to put the photos up on. i liked the way he moved around on stage well and he had made a good. This was his story. He went out one night with his torch and walked around for a bit. Then he got up the next morning and he realised that the lions did not come that night. He took his mums radio apart and learnt a lot of things but i tell you what his mum was not impressed. So then he made this genius invention with a car battery, a torch bulb, wires and a solar panel. This worked and now he is installing it in other property’s in Kenya. thought it was hard to understand him some times.

Thomas suarez ted talk

we watched Thomas do his ted talk it about how anybody can make a app. some techniques he used was make your audience laugh. to make him on stage he was taking notes so he did not mess up. TED stands for technology entertainment design ted talks were created decades ago before computers were in every house. Thomas was using a range of presentation techniques to keep them engaged by walking around a little bit but not too much and on a large screen behind him of his apps. the app i liked the most was the bustin jeiber because i was about Justin Bieber and i hate Justin Bieber.


Today I m going to update you with how my passion project is going. So far I have just completed my shotlist planning for my Mountain bike riding

i run in to a little problem because i had to remember the hole track to do my shot list so i send Mrs Stafford and then we sorted out the problem. so in the start of my shot list i do a couple of shots of my bike. To make a film there are many stages. There are the description, planning, production, editing. feedback on your work and then the final one is complete. I am up to is the planning stage and that is good because after that we get to film and that is so exciting to me because we get to film and that is fun. i mite be doing my filming on this Saturday. i have many different type of shots i have 3 Ms 9 Fs and 1 low shot.