Passion Project

This is my description blog post.

You have to make a project about your passion. You could make something, write something, make a movie, and more. Every 2 weeks we are suppost to post another blog post about what where I’m up to with my project. Week 2 – #description post. Week 4 – #planning post. Week 6 – #production post. Week 8 – #editing post. Week 9 – #feedback post. i am making a inspirational film of how much i like mountain bike riding. i am looking forward to filming my project. my project is for all those mountain bike riders. the reason i am doing mountain bike riding is because i just love it . the massage is to show people how much i love it.Image result for mtb downhill wallpaper

3 thoughts on “Passion Project

    • Hi Ollie,
      Please remember to not just write a single word for a comment – put it into a sentence in future.

  1. I am really looking forward to watching this project develop in the coming weeks Jack. I love that you are harnessing something you really love for this project so hopefully it won’t even feel like you are doing work. 🙂

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