I am choosing this skill because I want to practise my right foot because my left is already good. I want to be able to hit a moving target on my right foot.

In PE we continued with the punt. We did two activities one to do with punting and one was for the overhead throw. You had to throw the ball as far as you  could and then run. For the punt you had to kick it and get to the line and bring it back.

today in P.E we filmed us with the iPads to see what you could work on.

my 3 skills i chose wore

follow though

Gide the ball

hit the target

today in P.E we filmed each other to put on our blog and to help each other.


Passion Project

This is my description blog post.

You have to make a project about your passion. You could make something, write something, make a movie, and more. Every 2 weeks we are suppost to post another blog post about what where I’m up to with my project. Week 2 – #description post. Week 4 – #planning post. Week 6 – #production post. Week 8 – #editing post. Week 9 – #feedback post. i am making a inspirational film of how much i like mountain bike riding. i am looking forward to filming my project. my project is for all those mountain bike riders. the reason i am doing mountain bike riding is because i just love it . the massage is to show people how much i love it.Image result for mtb downhill wallpaper