zoom cameras

today Mr Henderson took a clinic that we learnt about zoom cameras.

I learnt that the wind sock stops a hep of wind I also learnt that you can hear from 20m but it is not that clear so the mic is still pretty good you can also buy a shotgun mic to attach. the mic on top facers on two angles so it does not point at the person so it is not like a shotgun microphone. you can not hold the camera because is does not have a side strap so it has to stay on a tripod. its audio is as good as a shotgun microphone. the zoom is not very good so just move the camera.

I learnt lots I hope that it will help in the future.

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premier pro

hear is a video of what I learnt

This session we went into the new program Adobe Premier Pro CC 2017. I already knew some of the basics from green session but this session we learnt a lots more that we did at the Green Screen session last week. We were new to premier pro but so were our teachers last year they used Corel, Corel is another editing software similar in every aspect other than how to do it so the layout the names and the way to get to functions as well and extra functions as premier pro is a professional top of the line editing softwar

how to use

Access desktop through media browser

select your audio and film and drag them to the timeline

To trim you click on the footage and drag the end to where you want it to stop

Mute by double clicking on the footage you want to change

Click level and move the scale to where you want. Then you put both arrows up and it should work

100% is normal speed so slower is lower and faster is higher, click OK

 Put text on your footage by clicking the titles tab at the top then click titles again and name the text, start typing and it should start appearing on the screen.

Click on assembly and drag your text onto the timeline

Click on effect control then go on effects volume


it was great fun and I learnt lots.


Audio Booth’s

today we did a clinic call audio booth Mrs Williamson took I p5.

I learnt that you can only have 2  people in the booth’s at one time and that you only have 5 minutes in at one time other wise you are wasting your time. some of the rules are on food leave the microphones on the bench.

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how to use them is you plug the cable into your computer then use a program called voice recorder then you can hit the record button then you can speak into the mic. do not nock on the booths our you can interrupt other people a they can hear it. do not touch the microphones our It can make a sound and you have to redo the recording. when you speak you do not pot on a voice our you can sound funny.  if you are waiting for a booth make sure you are ready and remember that you only have 5 minutes so don’t wast time our you can not a have time to record and what is the point of going in there if you do not record you do not have some recordings to pot in your film. it was a good season I had fun and learnt lot’s it was fun I look forward to next season

Wireless microphones

Image result for lapel micToday in film school we learnt about the different types of audio mics. The most important thing I learnt was that there is are transmitter and a receiver and these two things are extremely important because they are how the wireless micro phones work. Mr Henderson took this clinic I also learnt that the black cord go’s in to the camera and the skin colour one go’s into the transmitter .The most challenging thing I learnt was how to set up the Lapel mic which is really hard because you had to clip the receiver onto the camera and then plug a number of wires into the camera then you after that you connected the transmitter and the receiver together. To test  our new skills out we went outside in groups and used the Lapel mics to be news reporters in my group was Ed josh ted .

royalty free music

today Mrs Williamson took In p3.

I learnt that you cant get music off YouTube because you can get done for copy right. and if you put copy right music in a YouTube channel it can be deleted of YouTube or have adds or mute it so Mrs Williamson showed us how to get  Royalty free music.  Music has to be 50-70 years after the composer died or 95 years from publication date  to become . You can only use a song of iTunes for private use to avoid getting a penalty or a fine from the law. If you want to use a song from iTunes or YouTube you have the right to use a 30 second  snip of the song or 20% of the song.      

green screen

today we did another clinic called green screen with Mrs Stafford

I learnt that you can not where green clothes in front of the green screen because you can turn invisible. I also learnt that you can put a background behind the you so it looks like you are at a place but you are just in front of the green screen you do all of the using a app called adobe premiere pro cc 2017. I fond the app difficult compered to movie maker because it has so many more buttons.The lighting is one of the important things because is would be easier to see what you want the audience to see so the focuses point. If you are in a TV studio and you are broad casting the news don’t be in the middle of the green screen because you won’t be able to see the news and you would be the main focuses point. So make sure you are on the right side or the left side of the green screen.

I fond the clinic fun because learnt lots.

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shot list

Today we did a clinic called shot list which took place P4 after shotgun microphone. Mrs Stafford taught us how you write a script and she showed us how to lay it out. She showed us a script of some of last year 6’s that made a film of how to surf. I was amazed of how detailed it was because it only goes for 1 minute. We had to watch a video and then we had to make a plan of it. There was 5 different A shot list is a document with 4 columns. 1 of them is for the scene number, 1 for description (story line), 1 for the type of shot and 1 for the dialogue/audio.

 Image result for shot list film

shotgun microphone

Today we did a clinic on shotgun microphone. Mr Henderson took the clinic which took place in P3. The foam cover around the shotgun is not just to stop the wind if someone drops the shotgun it protects the shotgun. The only shot that you don’t need a shotgun is the establishing shot. You attach the microphone by sliding the little bit out from the camera then you slide the microphone into it.Then there is a dial that you twist clockwise. We went outside and tested the microphone to see how far you could here clearly with headphones.


to day in inquiry I did a camcorders clinic with Mrs Stafford l learnt where all the gear go’s and that the charger go’s in the back of the camera. hire are some of the different types of shots.


CU-up close

ECU-extreme up close

FS-full shot

MS-mid shot

ES-establishing shot

Image result for camera shots

now I am going to tell you about the different types of angles


HA-high shot

LA-low shot

OHS-over head shot

another thing I learnt was a film all ways start with a E.S shot. Now I will show you what the movement shots are

Image result for camera angles eye level



dolly shot

tracking shot(following)

Image result for camera movement

then we took our learning out side and practiced on the cameras and tripods.

presenting ptc

. Today we learnt how to do a lot  things about presenting to camera. We did warm ups like rubbing your face and then squishing it. Mr Henderson gave us some tongue twisters for example unique New York, peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, red leather yellow leather. Next we watched a video of a grade six girl last year who did a really good job talking to the camera but she looked away once that made it not perfect. You have to remember your script our you have to look in the film I also learnt that you should not look away from the camera.

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