Tower of hanoi

in maths we are learning how to compleat the tower of hanoi so you have to get say 5 things from a to b but a big one carnt go on a small one and the nuber of moves is 31 it is not posserbule to get les but you can get more

crumple bags

win_20161024_10_39_24_pro win_20161024_10_40_09_proThis week we started our work on our other choices. We had a choice of tinkering and crumple bags. I chose crumple bags. because we got to sow and it was difercult because we had to pin the fabric to the paper


on thersday we went to cre8 wich is a desgn projet for the year 8s. my faveret was a nipper bord because i like nippers and it is very fun. and she had to make it from scrach she had to fiberglars it and make the fins from plastic and she had to pant it as well and the pant job was very good.


in class we are making crumpler bags wich we wore designing in design today we had some bags wich wore looking at. So we could try to make a paper model. but fist we had to write and skech the bag. Of what it looks like when it was before it was put together i lernt that the handel was rectangle before it was bent into a handel. I allso lernt that the bag was woven into its shape. So that is why if you cut across the wevs it will fray.