today in design we are learning about sensors the following sensors are touch sensor and a ultrasonic sensor our robot can nely complete a maze. Just in the maze our robot program go to far so when the ultrasonic sensor sensors the wall of the maze it we go back 2 rotations wich is too far so we need to sorten it back to 1 rotaion wich i have done so we just have to make it tern sharper. so just to let you know the ultrasonic sensor is the up closs photo wich has two rond corcls wich sens the walls and other robots to. but now i will tock to you about the touch sensor wich if you run into a wall it is not like a ultrasonic sensor. Because the toch senser you have to run into a wall for is to sens things because it is not like a ultrasonic sensor where if you get 10cm away from a wall then it will tern the other way.

WIN_20160830_11_54_22_Pro   progam.

roboticts post 6


in design we were getting our finishing touches to our program but our opening ceromony so tomorrw we hop to get it done if we don’t we will be descufid which would mean the we can not go though to the finial and that would be bad and then all of our good work would have be good but usles programs. but we have tryed our best.


on wensday we had a seson in the gym doing our final preperations for our Lego robots oypics witch will be held on Friday in the gym our grope have mastered the 100m chariot race. On Wednesday we also got our opening ceremonie progam nealy finshed we just have to test it i hope thet it just works. and if it does then we don’t get disqualified.



in design we had our Lego oyimpics our group competed in the chaired race 100m sprint and the relay and there whor two other events witch are archery and 400m. we had lots of fun and in the relay our weel came of but that did not mater because we wore  floging so i had time to fix it and when i did we wore back on the rode and we wore still winning and then we finshed 1st and 1st for 100m and 100m chairet we came 1st. so we had a good day.





In maths we are had to slow down this video of usain bolt in movie maker and we slowed the video to x0.5 and we had to try to count all the strides and all to getter he took 41.5 and his strides are 2.41m long. And that is a long stride i can just jump 2.41 let teying to stretch my legs that long. And all so he is tall wach a small runner there legs would go so fast because thay are so small and Usain Bolt’s stride is only his average.



WIN_20160810_13_05_44_ProFor the two weeks that the olympics are on we are doing robot olympics! we are doing the 100m chariot race we have got a good robot and the best part is IT IS FAST so we have a good hope of winning. we heve put lots of effet into this


Today in design we started to prepear for the Sphero/Ev3 Olypics. There are quite a few but I can only remember 3 of them. There is 100m 400m cross country. the 100m and 400m sprints are just 10m or  not 100m. the girls tried to make the drone fly up holding this big Olympic’s poster but the poster was shaking so much because the drone then it all got tangled, so we are going to make two little flags for it to fly up with it we still need to make the flags and test it we not know if it will work though. we still are thinking of how we are going to bring in the flag we have a couple ideas but we still need to test them, one idea is to put the flag on the Ollie and it drives it in.



in maths we are finding out over the larst 2 sessions in design we have been making houses with 4 block cubes. Here is the topic for our houses. They have to have 4 sides and all the sides have to be touching face to face. The blocks have to be cantilevered or else they dont count. I think there are only 15.



 over the past 2 weeks we have been reading A MARATHON OF HER OWN there family had to migrate to Australia because of a civil war in crete and have started the long and tyring

who are the characters

  • Phlo
  • Yaya
  • Dad
  • Mama
  • Mrs Adamou
  • Mophia
  • Maritsa
  • constantino
  • chrisoula
  •  they lived in crete
  • time
  • after  ww2

my prediction is

that when they get to australia the girl will run for crete in the olympics