Lego robotics 

we have been programming robots in design. as you can see in the photo this is our program that does not work because it is just out by about 1/2 a rotation so if ted oisi Lewis and me can just get the rotations right.

  • why does is matter if you Change the well size?
  • seems though the well is bigger it will travel a further distance.
  • what can you tell me about the effect of the battery level?
  • because if the battery is low not as much power is moving the axles
  • what dose it mean if you are using rotations to measure your movements? 
  • one rotation is just say you were facing a tree and then you jump 360 degrees that would be one rotation.
  • what does it mean if you using degrees to measure your movements? 
  • Say 360 is one full degree and 180 is half a degree.
  • did you guess and check a lot?
  • yes we tried to guess the rotation a lot like we would move the robot 1m and as we were doing that we were counting the rotations but we got 5 and then we guessed the rest but it was not over 6.
  • does it matter if you change the speed?
  • yes if you have the speed at 100 it will suck up the battery. but 50 is about the perfect speed.



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