Holliday fun

 Istarted my holiday off by flying in to Alice Springs then I jumped in to the car an headed to devils marbles when we got there we went to find a spot to camp for the night we went to the camp ground to see if the could stay but it as very crowded so we drove down the rode and we found a track so we went down it and then we found the perfect  camp spot. And there was no one else there so we set up and then we got out the Cain saw we went to cut some fire wood so we could cep warm. I woke up the next morning and We went to Newcastle waters station when we got there we got camp reday and then we went to the cattel yards to woch them brake in the houres. and then we went to bed  the next day we went to lake argyle we set up camp and then we went to the pool to have a swim then we went to bed and the next day we went on a lake crouse and saw heps of crocs.

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