Design walk


lock is man deigned thing.l saw that there is a key hole on the back of the lock but that is the master key. But you have to pot in a three number code. The combination padlock is usually made with a metal “can” with three tumblers inside connected to a dial on the front. The mechanism is very similar to that used in safes.



this is a fire hydrant you use this for connecting fire hoses. there is a wheel on the end that you torn so it removes the bolck so the warter comes out.A fire hydrant is an active fire  protection measure, and a source of water provided in most urban, suburban and rural areas with municipal water service to enable firefighters to tap into the municipal water supply to assist in extinguishing a fire.




Professional AFL goal posts like those used on the MCG are 15 m tall, with behind posts standing at 10 m, though most local football grounds don’t require posts nearly this tall.The most common types of metal AFL posts are made from are either steel or aluminium.

me book


In RRR we are doing our me books we had to share our books

I shared with Lewis and found out that his favourite Holliday is Aires inlet

Favourite footy team is Geelong cats

His favourite sport is footy.

then is shared with charlie

i found out that his favourite footy team is hawthon

and that he likes to sleep when posupel. so that is what we did in RRR.




In design we are doing Scratch and I am starting my script for my scartch tutorial. My game is a shooting game fist you have to make a sprite that is your scope. Second you have to make another sprite so you just draw a little guy but his body has to be black. Because the bullet is green but some people mite be saying where is the bullet I have made it so when you shoot the bullet just dose not just come out of nowhere. When you have made the guy you can just places him anywhere then you just right click on the sprite where all the character are. And some icons will come up and just click on duplicate and you will get 2 of the same characters and you just can do that as much as you what.




IMG_0170In allegro i have been playing the trumpet. we split up into our groops and had a praktes four 30 minets and then had a group rehearsal we practices alles the camel and then go go allegro. after recess my trumpet group practes o en the saints I thought one part was hard where 0 1an2 then 1 because it was fast.

lego expepedition

we went to Melbourne for a excursion to the logo placem. we did robotics and made cars and merry go round. miles and i trid to make the robot go forward and then go backwards. It was challenging trying to make the robot move because I had never done it before. when we wore making the billy carts i made the bace and miles made the engen and there was a dog that whet on the car so when you pot him on I thought the car would go faster. It whet very far when you dubbed the height of the ramp the car went very far as well as fast. We all so made a Ferris wheel I got all the pacers for miles whilst Lewis was just mucking around when we finished the wheel we had a challenge to try to make the weel go faster by changing the cogs miles lweis and failed to make it go faster because it just broke.


jackjackjackjackIn design we are doing Scratch. my game is going to be a shooing where you have to shoot little humans and if you hit one he will have a red dot on his head. But I what to make it so the little guy diapers for two seconds and then come back in a different window. And I what to make levels so if you shoot all of the humans you will go to the next level and that level will be a bit like you drive a plane and you have to shoot other planes. i have not made the second  level because i am making the little spacship and the background. It is very hard making the thing shoot