Lego Rube Goldberg

WIN_20160413_15_17_55_ProLego rube goldberg

This is the slow spinner that I made during the last two design sessions. This is how it works. First you wind the hitter until it is tight. Then place the pin in the slot and have the marble on the stand. Pull the pin so the hitter spins a few times and it will hit the ball. The ball will roll down the ramp and then roll off the ramp and into another part of the track…

Term 2 Rube Goldberg simple machines

In design today we started building lego that can be used to make Rube Goldberg machines. It was hard to get some block’s for my slow spinner.  It was hard to get  8 x 2  so i replaced it with a small Lego base to build on then I used a four 4×2 blocks to build the bottom of the slow spinner . Then I had to use another four 4×2 to build on top of that so I could get on to building the Base of the ramp. When that was done I could cut out the ramp because it was paper because it was on a angle. Now I could make the spinning part. I had to use a wheel connect part so I can use a clog joiner to connect the rope. i wind the rope up around the clog so you could let go and it would spin around and the ball would sit on the ramp. And a wheel was attached to the rope and the wheel would hit the ball so the ball would go down the ramp.