yarn cups


We made yarn cups today in design. First you had to wrap the cup in Glad Wrap so the wool didn’t stick to cup. I then paint the top of the cup in Mod Podge and I started to wind the blue wool around the top of the cup. It was challenging when you had to wind the wool on the very top. Next I painted some more Mod Podge on the sides so I could continue the wool down the side of the cup. It was easier to wind the wool around the side than it was on top because all you had to do was wrap it around. When it is all dry, you can then take out the plastic cup carefully and then gently take out the Glad Wrap. You are finished with a Yarn Cup.

Finished pom pom bat


This is my Finished bat

This is my finish pom pom bat. It was hard to cut the wings and and stick them on the wool.The first time it failed because I cut the not and the pom pom needs the not or it will split and if it splits it won’t work.