Digital Etiquette

Netiquette means the correct and acceptable way of using the internet for your means.

Flaming/Flame Wars means if someone says something that someone does not agree with and then they start arguing and start calling each other names and it turns really bad.

Trolls are people who trick you into installing a virus on your computer, or when you are fighting they make your’e argument even worse than it is by saying a bad comment and making you even more angry trolls can come in different forms.

Anonymous means that when you are online you remain invisible to your’e real life identity so you now remain anonymous.

Communicating clearly it means that when you are talking online it makes sense of what you are saying to the person that you are talking to like SPEAKING IN ALL CAPS MEANS THAT YOU ARE SHOUTING or when you are talking like this h3y i w4nt t0 s33 y0u is sort of like not really clear to some people or when you send that to people at school or when you are speaking to someone don’t use to many emojis.

Permission means that when you post something of a friend make sure that you have permission to do so.

When Tim said when a message is out its out means that when you say something on the internet it stays there forever.

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Passion Project #update

While I was working on my passion project, I stripped the paint off my BMX and now it looks plain white and bits of rust on the side. I’m going to spray paint green and black onto my BMX so it looks sort of like a bug. I’m nearly up to the painting stage but I need to get a bit of the stickers off so its easier to get done.

I might make some designs and put it on my vlog and ask everyone to vote for the best design.

I have learnt how to use a knife and razer blades to get the paint off a bike.

It was hard at first using the knife to get the paint off, but then I got used to it.

As I said before, getting the paint on my bike, is my next step.

Stay Tuned For Updates of my bike.

Birke Baehrs TED Talk

  1. The main messages in Birkes Ted talk was that when he was younger he thought that farm animals where treated well in farms and are fed good food and are happy but that’s was not what was happening animals were treated badly and chemicals where used in the grass and food.
  2. He made the message clear and really well said so his audience could really understand what he was really saying and why he was saying it so his audience loved listening to him and his topic so they all were on his side.
  3. He made sure he was using a loud voice so that everyone could hear him he used a PowerPoint pen and other things like that while he was speaking.
  4.  He used a loud voice and spoke clearly he also had some humour when he spoke about a fish tomato.See the source image

Richard Turere Ted Talk

  1. The message that I got from the ted talk was that lions can be made peace with and no violence could be used against the animals so that’s why he invented the light bulbs that scared away the lions from his live stock.
  2. He spoke and said the topic really well so he got the message across to his audience so they all understood what he was really talking about and how serious the matter was.
  3. He used pictures of what was really happening and why it was happening he also switched from slide to slide at good speed so that people could keep up with what he was saying and that they could understand.
  4. He used some humour with his speech so that he could add a bit of humour to his speech but he added it at good time to add humour he also added a lot of seriousness so that the audience could feel what he felt at the sight of the animals he saw.See the source image

Thomas Suarez Ted talk


That Kids can code apps too and that some kids make apps way better than adults and are way more successful when we make apps for other people and we get heaps of help from adults funding our apps.

he made it really clear about what he was talking about and why he was talking about it and where he got the idea to talk about it to his audience.

Python, Seed, Java and the apple software developing kit.

One of the technics that he used was that he made a bit of humour with his speech and how he was joking about how adults know nothing about technology