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For my passion project im doing a picture for my Grandma and im going to do a picture of the sunset on the beach, hopefully im going to learn how to paint really well so I can do more pictures and try to sell them to get money, my project is for my grandma so that she has a good picture to hang in her house, im looking forward to painting and seeing my grandmas reaction!

RVE Ukraine

For my RVE project I chose to choose Ukraine.

I chose Ukraine because I thought that I could learn a lot about Ukraine and its religion, it turns out that I now know a lot about the language and what they eat in Ukraine.

The difference between Ukraine and Australia are massive, we Australians speak English and Ukrainians speak Russian and Slavic, the other differences is the food that we eat and the food that Ukrainians eat, Ukrainians eat more Chinese type of food and the food that we eat are more western but sometimes we eat the dishes that normal Ukrainians would eat.

The similarities between Australia and Ukraine are a lot, Australians like to play sport like soccer and basketball and Ukrainians like to play the same sport as us, Ukrainians like to go fishing a lot and us Australians love to go fishing, Ukrainians like to horse race and we Australians host a horse racing competition in Melbourne.

If I was to live in Ukraine, the things that I would really find interesting will probably be how friendly Ukrainians will be to you if you treat them nicely and respect them, but the things that I would find challenging will be the government because the government in Ukraine are very strict and there are a lot of rules that will probably affect my life style.Image result for ukraine religions chart

Passion Project Checkpoint #1 Term 2

This term I have decided to do this for my passion project, I will Hydro dip my soccer shoes. In case you did not know what hydro dipping was, I will explain it to you.

What you need for hydro dipping.

Spray paint

A bucket

When you have these things you need to wait a while until you can hydro dip.

Image result for hydro dip bucket

Passion Project #update

While I was working on my passion project, I stripped the paint off my BMX and now it looks plain white and bits of rust on the side. I’m going to spray paint green and black onto my BMX so it looks sort of like a bug. I’m nearly up to the painting stage but I need to get a bit of the stickers off so its easier to get done.

I might make some designs and put it on my vlog and ask everyone to vote for the best design.

I have learnt how to use a knife and razer blades to get the paint off a bike.

It was hard at first using the knife to get the paint off, but then I got used to it.

As I said before, getting the paint on my bike, is my next step.

Stay Tuned For Updates of my bike.

Thomas Suarez Ted talk


That Kids can code apps too and that some kids make apps way better than adults and are way more successful when we make apps for other people and we get heaps of help from adults funding our apps.

he made it really clear about what he was talking about and why he was talking about it and where he got the idea to talk about it to his audience.

Python, Seed, Java and the apple software developing kit.

One of the technics that he used was that he made a bit of humour with his speech and how he was joking about how adults know nothing about technology