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For my passion project this term I did some Hydro Dipping on my soccer boots, I really enjoyed doing my passion project with my dad and we had a lot of fun doing it!

What I achieved was a sweet paint job on some really nice cleats and it looks really really nice and cool!

I didn’t really have any challenges with what I was doing and I only had successes with everything!

To extend my learning with this passion project I will make a whole collection of custom soccer boots and everything else with them like custom goal keeping gloves and custom shin pads and socks!

Passion Project #update

Me and my dad went to Bunnings to get some spray paint for my hydro dipping.

I have already thought about what soccer boots I am going to use.

For hydro dipping you will need acrylic paint because that’s the paint that sticks to plasticĀ  because that will make it way easier and then you will need a bucket.Image result for acrylic spray paint