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The lost princess

In digital citizenship we learnt about how dangerous the online world can be

The film was about how when we state out name and age in the online world it could lead to consequences or maybe death.

There where 4 main characters in the story and I am doing the Gamer Kid

The Addicted gamer

The story

This story was about a kid who got so addicted to his video games he quit school just to play them he played for so long his mum and dad started to get worried about him but he said that he will delay of how much time he spent on his video games his mental health was starting to fall apart, he never showered and brushed his teeth as well because he was so into his video games he was to lazy to ever get up and do anything.

Problems he had

He got so addicted to his video games he quit school.

He had no hygiene and he never went to bed and had a lack of sleep.

He resolved the problem by going to his dad and telling him that he needs help.

He could of done this, limit his usage to his video games and have a time limit when he is done it will be time to socialise.

The biggest message that I took from the story was that you should not get too addicted to your video games otherwise bad things will happen to you.


DC Cartoons

Today we did a DC lesson we learn’t about images that were funny but they were pretty real and explained a lot about people these days and what we do.

People found it funny at first because the way it was drawn but then we realised quickly that it was true.

The messages where that every one is now on their phones or computers because they think that there’s nothing to do.

Because we should all have a reality check and see how bad this is and how anti-social it is.

Not that much any more because we all have realised how real it is. We should all pay attention to everything.

Digital Etiquette

Netiquette means the correct and acceptable way of using the internet for your means.

Flaming/Flame Wars means if someone says something that someone does not agree with and then they start arguing and start calling each other names and it turns really bad.

Trolls are people who trick you into installing a virus on your computer, or when you are fighting they make your’e argument even worse than it is by saying a bad comment and making you even more angry trolls can come in different forms.

Anonymous means that when you are online you remain invisible to your’e real life identity so you now remain anonymous.

Communicating clearly it means that when you are talking online it makes sense of what you are saying to the person that you are talking to like SPEAKING IN ALL CAPS MEANS THAT YOU ARE SHOUTING or when you are talking like this h3y i w4nt t0 s33 y0u is sort of like not really clear to some people or when you send that to people at school or when you are speaking to someone don’t use to many emojis.

Permission means that when you post something of a friend make sure that you have permission to do so.

When Tim said when a message is out its out means that when you say something on the internet it stays there forever.

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