RVE Ukraine

For my RVE project I chose to choose Ukraine.

I chose Ukraine because I thought that I could learn a lot about Ukraine and its religion, it turns out that I now know a lot about the language and what they eat in Ukraine.

The difference between Ukraine and Australia are massive, we Australians speak English and Ukrainians speak Russian and Slavic, the other differences is the food that we eat and the food that Ukrainians eat, Ukrainians eat more Chinese type of food and the food that we eat are more western but sometimes we eat the dishes that normal Ukrainians would eat.

The similarities between Australia and Ukraine are a lot, Australians like to play sport like soccer and basketball and Ukrainians like to play the same sport as us, Ukrainians like to go fishing a lot and us Australians love to go fishing, Ukrainians like to horse race and we Australians host a horse racing competition in Melbourne.

If I was to live in Ukraine, the things that I would really find interesting will probably be how friendly Ukrainians will be to you if you treat them nicely and respect them, but the things that I would find challenging will be the government because the government in Ukraine are very strict and there are a lot of rules that will probably affect my life style.Image result for ukraine religions chart

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