Win at the fair!

This Term we have been working on win at the fair. It was when we tested out a carnival game and it was one of the worst carnival games ever made it gave us so much money and the person who was running the show lost too much money. it was a bad game so we got the option to change the rules of it.We then found that we can make the games work really well. So we then got to go on Maths 300 and we found win at the fair there. We had to have roughly 300 dollars payout so we could actually make some money. Then I made 2 game boards that worked really well and they gave me 450 or 500 dollars profit when I played the games on them, although we had to make our game boards enticing so that people will play them, the people payed 1 dollar to play and my max prize was 35 dollars so I think that a lot of people will want to play my game.

So here are someĀ  of my pictures

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