For my passion project im doing a picture for my Grandma and im going to do a picture of the sunset on the beach, hopefully im going to learn how to paint really well so I can do more pictures and try to sell them to get money, my project is for my grandma so that she has a good picture to hang in her house, im looking forward to painting and seeing my grandmas reaction!


For my passion project this term I did some Hydro Dipping on my soccer boots, I really enjoyed doing my passion project with my dad and we had a lot of fun doing it!

What I achieved was a sweet paint job on some really nice cleats and it looks really really nice and cool!

I didn’t really have any challenges with what I was doing and I only had successes with everything!

To extend my learning with this passion project I will make a whole collection of custom soccer boots and everything else with them like custom goal keeping gloves and custom shin pads and socks!

RVE Ukraine

For my RVE project I chose to choose Ukraine.

I chose Ukraine because I thought that I could learn a lot about Ukraine and its religion, it turns out that I now know a lot about the language and what they eat in Ukraine.

The difference between Ukraine and Australia are massive, we Australians speak English and Ukrainians speak Russian and Slavic, the other differences is the food that we eat and the food that Ukrainians eat, Ukrainians eat more Chinese type of food and the food that we eat are more western but sometimes we eat the dishes that normal Ukrainians would eat.

The similarities between Australia and Ukraine are a lot, Australians like to play sport like soccer and basketball and Ukrainians like to play the same sport as us, Ukrainians like to go fishing a lot and us Australians love to go fishing, Ukrainians like to horse race and we Australians host a horse racing competition in Melbourne.

If I was to live in Ukraine, the things that I would really find interesting will probably be how friendly Ukrainians will be to you if you treat them nicely and respect them, but the things that I would find challenging will be the government because the government in Ukraine are very strict and there are a lot of rules that will probably affect my life style.Image result for ukraine religions chart

Passion Project #update

Me and my dad went to Bunnings to get some spray paint for my hydro dipping.

I have already thought about what soccer boots I am going to use.

For hydro dipping you will need acrylic paint because that’s the paint that sticks to plasticĀ  because that will make it way easier and then you will need a bucket.Image result for acrylic spray paint

The lost princess

In digital citizenship we learnt about how dangerous the online world can be

The film was about how when we state out name and age in the online world it could lead to consequences or maybe death.

There where 4 main characters in the story and I am doing the Gamer Kid

The Addicted gamer

The story

This story was about a kid who got so addicted to his video games he quit school just to play them he played for so long his mum and dad started to get worried about him but he said that he will delay of how much time he spent on his video games his mental health was starting to fall apart, he never showered and brushed his teeth as well because he was so into his video games he was to lazy to ever get up and do anything.

Problems he had

He got so addicted to his video games he quit school.

He had no hygiene and he never went to bed and had a lack of sleep.

He resolved the problem by going to his dad and telling him that he needs help.

He could of done this, limit his usage to his video games and have a time limit when he is done it will be time to socialise.

The biggest message that I took from the story was that you should not get too addicted to your video games otherwise bad things will happen to you.


Passion Project Checkpoint #1 Term 2

This term I have decided to do this for my passion project, I will Hydro dip my soccer shoes. In case you did not know what hydro dipping was, I will explain it to you.

What you need for hydro dipping.

Spray paint

A bucket

When you have these things you need to wait a while until you can hydro dip.

Image result for hydro dip bucket

DC Cartoons

Today we did a DC lesson we learn’t about images that were funny but they were pretty real and explained a lot about people these days and what we do.

People found it funny at first because the way it was drawn but then we realised quickly that it was true.

The messages where that every one is now on their phones or computers because they think that there’s nothing to do.

Because we should all have a reality check and see how bad this is and how anti-social it is.

Not that much any more because we all have realised how real it is. We should all pay attention to everything.

Passion Project Reflection

My passion project went really well. I didn’t have many errors throughout my working of my passion project.

My BMX now looks really nice with a thick coat of black paint over it. When I started my passion project my bike looked really bad and rusty with bits of rust going all over the bike. The bike was white and blue, I thought that this colour looked quite bad , now it is looking like I bought it yesterday and it is now looks nice and fancy.

My dad and I only had 1 mistake, it was when we were putting the bike together and my dad messed up putting the bike seat on. This was because he forgot to make a screw more tighter, so we took about 15 minutes to find out what was wrong with our bike.

Win at the fair!

This Term we have been working on win at the fair. It was when we tested out a carnival game and it was one of the worst carnival games ever made it gave us so much money and the person who was running the show lost too much money. it was a bad game so we got the option to change the rules of it.We then found that we can make the games work really well. So we then got to go on Maths 300 and we found win at the fair there. We had to have roughly 300 dollars payout so we could actually make some money. Then I made 2 game boards that worked really well and they gave me 450 or 500 dollars profit when I played the games on them, although we had to make our game boards enticing so that people will play them, the people payed 1 dollar to play and my max prize was 35 dollars so I think that a lot of people will want to play my game.

So here are someĀ  of my pictures