Holiday Story

Hey everyone,

We are back and now in term 3. To start of the term, in English we did a story on something we had done the holidays. Our task was mainly to use the 5 senses to make our story even better!  So this is mine:

Holiday story:

I wait anxiously, looking out my window waiting for the truck to come. I sit on my now old bed, I watch it slowing go into parking mode, then rush as fast as I could down my stairs. I hear the load beeping noise coming from outside. My dad opens the door and greets the man. My heart starts pounding as I get more excited that my room isn’t going to be the same after this.

I’m waiting down stairs for my dad and the man to take everything upstairs. It feels like it’s taking so long. I slowly walk upstairs as I’m nervous. I start to smell new things, it almost smells like new paint! I put one foot in my room and my see new bed and desk. It looks amazing! I jump up and down on my bed as I high as I can and then sit on my desk chair.

It was crazy to think that my room has change in the less than an hour.


Reading Log Week 6

Hey everyone,

This week I had to review a book I have read before, I am going to be reviewing diamond sprit! The main character in this book is a girl named Jess and her horse named diamond. diamond is jesses beloved pony that has been with her for awhile. Her best friend, Shara, the only witness to the accident, won’t tell Jess what happened.  Jess feels as if she’s lost not just one best friend, but two! Shara has something to tell jess and its not good, after trying to tell jess, jess finds out and doesn’t know what to do about it.

I would have to give this book a rating of 5 out of 5 because I really really liked it!5-stars

Passion project update

Hey World,

Jaime and I court up on the weekend and stared film, We got some really go angles and some different sots. We are having some trouble right now with getting the rest filmed because I cant go to her house this weekend and we cant have a sleepover next weekend as well! We were thinking of asking if we could film some at school because we don’t really no another idea for our film. Right I am just editing the footage that we have but its not that much. Hope to get this project done.

What’s something you think we should do about our problem?acro-poses-transfer-3


Reading log week 7

Hey Everyone,

Books I have read this week: Diamond sprit the third one!

For our reading log for week 7 we had to talk about our favorite book we have read this year and why and who do you recommend reading this book. My favorite book I have read this year would have to go to “Diamond sprit”. I loved this book because of the emotion the author has put in it, it just makes you get goose bumps! and there’s not just one book there’s three! Three book I really recommend. I would have to recommend this book to people who really love horses or any type of animal. Someone who can relate to a animal getting really hurt!

What’s a book you recommend me reading and why?



Reflecting on my learning in year 6

Hey everyone,

I have a task to do at school to talk about stuff I have learnt this year compered to maybe at my old school or what it was like in grade 5 to grade 6.


Not siting near my best friends: Most of the time at the start of the year I would sit next to my best friends, compered to now I have learnt a lot about it and not know that it can effect your learning and how you learn.

Making new friends: The way I mad friends at my old school was a lot different to now because if I was to make a new friend I would kind of just walk up to them and then we would be friends but now I feel like it is harder to make friend if you didn’t know them before you come to a new school.


Homework: I have learnt a lot more about being more organized with my homework and getting it done. I try not to do it last minute so I can do other things after I do my homework.

Computer: I am more organized with my computer and getting it change for the next day at school and to do homework on it. At my old school we never really had to do homework on my computer we just had to do it on paper.

Problem solving:

Friends: I have learnt to help my friends if in fights or if they sad. At my old school I didn’t really get into fights with any of my friends or other people.

I hope you like all the things I have learnt this year!

What have you learnt this year or what was it like at your old school?learning3-cloud-12th-march


Zoo research post

Hey everyone,

Not long ago we went to the zoo and before that we had to research the animal we were going and find facts. I research about the elephant and got a good amount of facts.

These are facts:

*Elephants truck can hold up to 8.5L.

*Each year 14 elephants die from extinction

*Elephants are the largest ground animal on earth.

*The elephant is the only mammal that cannot jump.

*The elephant’s trunk has more than 40,000 mussels in it.

*Elephants have really bad eye sit but an amazing sense of smell.

*An elephant’s skin is 1 inch thick.

What was the animal you did your film on?




Reading Log week 3

Hi World,

The books I read this week were Behind the bookcase that I have nearly finished. This week we were asked to Find 10 words from our book we are reading and find 3 Synonyms for each word.

These are my words:

sentinel- sentry, guard, watch, lookout.

opportunity- did not find any?

discovered- Discover, invent, originate

obviously- plain, manifest, clear, palpable, unmistakable.

muffled- Wrap, scarf, cloak.

separated- sever, sunder, split, Separate, divide

exchanged- interchange, commute, barter, trade, swap.

gazes- Gaze, stare, gape suggest

fluted- fine, clear, and mellow.

Especially- signally, notably; mainly. Especially, chiefly.

Bronte out!!!!





Hi Everyone,

Last weekend Jaime, Olympia, Montana, Chloe, Laura and I went tricker treating. We got a lot of candy, maybe a little too much and were very crazy that night after eating so much of it. We all dressed in onesies and sore some other really cool costumes. We also sore some people that we knew and started talking to them for a while! But overall it was really fun and I had a great time.

If you went trick or treating what were you dressed as?Halloween-Decor-Walgreens

passion project update week 4-5!

Hey World,

This is my passion project update for week 3-4. So far Jaime and I have filmed some of it when I was at her house. Also when I was at her house we tried out some acro tricks to see if we would be able to do them. We found some really hard ones and some easy ones but in our film we will say if this is for beginners or advanced people. The way we are going to edited our film is by her editing some then sending it to me then I can edit it. I think so far we are going ok but really need to get all the filming done.

What’s your passion project on or do you some feedback on our film?acro

Reading log week 5: Newspaper Report

Hey readers,

The books I have read this week are: Behind the bookcase and My sister is a vampire.

This week for my reading log we hade to think about an exciting event from a book. List the 5 Ws and H – what, where, when, who, why, how. Then write a newspaper article that will go on the front page of The Geelong Advertiser. What would be the headline? Picture and caption?

What: Book: The fault in our stars.

When: At the end of the story.

Who: Hazel and Augustus

Why: Because of the cancer he hade.

How: He had no choice.  


What Really Happened:

Why didn’t he tell me, He is never coming back and I cant do anything about it but I could of, unless he told me ages ago but what I cant work out is that why he didn’t. He could still be with me now and I could have helped him but I will find out why he didn’t trust me and didn’t want to tell me. I loved him and cared for him but why did he have this big secret left inside of him but on the other hand it was probably really hard for him to tell someone like me that he was about to die. If he told me that 2 days before he died I wouldn’t know what to do and how to do it.

I hope you liked my article on what hazel was properly thinking when he died. My article was not really like retailing something that happened it was retelling a exiting thing that happened but saying what was going threw her head at this time.


By Bronte