In scratch I have been making a car racing game. To make a scratch game you need.

Step 1. I made my game from, thinking about what my game is going to be. Then I picked a car racing game.

Step 2. Then I had to choose the characters that you are going to use. I choose two cars that were going to go on the track. next I had to make a program for the two cars to go forward into the finish line.

Step 3. Next I had to make the track for the cars to go on. I made two lines, one at the bottom and one in the middle for the cars to race on..

Step 4. Next I was up to experimenting if the game would work.


scratch 2 scratch 3





We have been working on a program for scratch. Scratch is a web site that you can make games on and lots of other things. The game that I am making on scratch is going to be car racing game. There is going to be two cars racing each other on the same screen. The cars are going to race around a circle track into the finish line.