Rube Goldberg Project

In design we started of with finishing of our new designs because we didn’t use our original design to make a new design. Our new design was to start of with a ramp that hits a button that makes a loop to loop go , after the loop to loop it hits another button that launches a car onto a bridge that hits this ginormous marble bridge and hits the flying fox.


Computer Electives session 2

Today in computer electives we had to sketch a cover for any device that you have at your house. I picked to sketch a I phone 4s cover and maybe print them off later on. I think this session of 3d printing was very fun to do because we got to start making my I phone case on Tinkercad.

Rube Goldberg Machines, Session 1

The first session of our rube Goldberg machine was all about designing our machines. Our group thought to open a locker for our first idea, But our second idea was even better then the first one. Our idea is that we are going to make a marble hit a button that makes a speaker that makes a sound.

F1 Cars

In design we made a F1 racing car out of cardboard. I was with Callan from 5C. Our racing car is called the CG1, Our car in pink and blue.

We race our cars up in the library, In the library there is a big long race track. Two cars can race at a time because there is 2 lanes.

Our car in racing in period two after drama. I hope our F1 Car comes out with a victory.

Computer Electives

Today in design we found out our computer electives that we had to pick last week. I picked 3D Printing and our teacher is Mr Camm.

In our first lesson today we went on a web site called tinkercad and we had to sign up. The second thing we had to go through were all the lessons on the web site for a starter. Mr Camm set us a challenge that we had to make a key chain that had to fit on some keys, and it had to have our names on them.