Zoo Reflection Post

This Project is about lend a voice to a endangered animal in the SOS 10.


We started off going onto the Act Wild website and choosing one of the animals that were on that page. Then we started writing down facts onto a word document about the animal that we have chosen. I choose the animal because I have been interested to learn more about the animal. The next stage was writing our script into a word document using our facts that we have gathered. We spent 1-2 weeks writing our script and perfecting them. I think writing the script was one of the hardest things to do in this project.

Excursion to the Zoo

The Orangutans were out and about a lot when we were there so we collected a lot of footage on the day. There was a place at where the Orangutans were that was a supermarket with products that had Palm Oil in it and some products that didn’t have Palm Oil in it. It was one of the most interesting things there because when you scanned a product it would come up on a screen saying if it was bad for the Orangutans or good. For example Shampoo that is bad for the Orangutans because it contains Palm Oil.


The hard part was putting the film together. it took me about 2-3 weeks to make the film the I could make it.                                                                   When we started to edit I came along some problems. Like the music was to loud and my voice overs weren’t the best they could be.


We had one session to  look a peoples sheet and give them constructive feedback and helpful feedback.

Here is some feedback from some other people about me film….

I enjoyed the film and it made me care about the animal – Harro

I liked all the videos of the animal. Like what Harrison said, it made me care about the animal – Harry Santa

I liked how you said the food with palm oil in it-noah:)

I liked how you gave us a lot of examples of what palm oil is in – Sam

I liked how you explanned palm oil. -Max

i liked how you explained why they are indangered – Ben

Good job, your voice is very clear in your voice over. The music suits the footage very well, and the volume of the music is great. Your script is very good and it made me care about Orangutans a lot. Good Job Gus <3 ily!!!! – Aimee

Good facts you used. I like your clear voice-overs. I love your footage. Good piece to camera – Steven

i liked how you said why they are indangered and called them relatives – Henry

I liked how you added in the main reason why they’re endangered and where they live – Jack

great music and voice overs. spencer
love your voice over and its cool how you told us what foods have food oil.

i really liked your music choice-0lly.

This is my final film….



I think that we should all go to the Act Wild website and make a changed to not make these endangered animals endangered.

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