Digi Post #1 Term 4

This Digi Noah and I are going to make a trick shot video. We are thinking that we are going to use Blitz Balls. They are balls that are used for Baseball practice because it curves really well. We thought it would be fun to try out. We are going to use other sports like Basketball, Soccer, American Football (NFL) and Frisbee.

We have an idea about what trick shots we are going to do. Like Throwing a blitz ball from the other side of an oval or half way from the cricket pitch and then make it hit the stumps in the cricket nets.


7 thoughts on “Digi Post #1 Term 4

  1. How long is your film going to be? Because if it is very long then it could be hard to get the footage that you want

  2. i think ur idea is really cool but maybe u could do some water bottle flips if u wanted. but like I said its really good and I cant wait to see it.

  3. This is a really good idea. Maybe you should make the place that the ball ends up a bit more interesting. Like instead of cricket stumps why not an apple on top of the cricket stumps?

  4. It’s a cool idea but just remember to include a message in your film. We spoke about this the other day, so I’m hoping it’s still part of your planning. I’m looking forward to seeing your film!

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