Digi Finale

Yesterday Max and I presented our Digi Amaze Us. We finally finished our Minecraft world. A few weeks ago we decided to work together because max didn’t have much things on his Minecraft world and I ┬áhad some things to show on the day.

The journey was a short journey but it was fun. I think if we did Digi again I will do something different like Trick Shots. Tricks shots are cool because there are no limits. Like going on top of a roof and throwing a basketball into a basketball hoop. Or going on a balcony and throwing into the driveway and into a bin at the bottom of the driveway.

The things that we did well was working on our worlds and working together. I think if we worked together next time we should decide to work together from the start.

The challenges that we had were making all the things that we had to make like the soccer pitch and Nandos.