Digi Amaze Us

For My Digi Amaze Us I am using a game called Minecraft. I am going to make a mansion and some cool things inside of it and outside. I am thinking to make a Basketball court, Soccer pitch, Football field and much more.

Minecraft is a fun and sometimes hard game to work with. The controls are sometimes really hard to work with because when you want to press one button to do something it mite do something else.

I think it is a challenge for me because if have to put more and more time and effort into it so I can achieve what I am trying to make.



3 thoughts on “Digi Amaze Us

  1. This is a good idea, Gus. I’m not hugely familiar with Minecraft so I’m excited to learn about it throughout your project! Make sure you keep challenging yourself by learning more about the program. Watch tutorials, talk to other students etc. Thumbs up!

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