Reading Blog week 4

I have been reading Timmy Failure. It is a great book and it has lots of humour in it. I recommend it because it has a few interesting parts about him and his friends.

These are the list of events that happened in the story.

  1. His teacher leaving school
  2. Timmy getting a polar bear
  3. Naming the polar bear Total
  4. Making a company
  5. Making a play for his mum
  6. His mum getting a Segway
  7. Why his mums Segway is always out the front of a bank
  8. finding out the bank that his mum goes to is his worst enemy
  9. finding out the his evil enemy has brought his polar bear
  10. Making his polar go to spend his life in a zoo.

Those are my 10 events for Timmy Failure.

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