Shape Animation Film



We used a octahedron as our shape. it is another word for a diamond and I looks like one to. We choose this shape because we wanted to have a diamond in the film so people went to try and steal it our find it. In my film we used the web cam. We had one of the lights but when we were getting to the end of our film we got two lights to make the scene light up more.

Story Line

The story line is tat two people go to a cargo ship and sail to sea. They want to find a diamond so they could sell it. so they went to sea to find it and they stoped at a spot and one of the people went down to have a look when the other on stayed at the top and waited for the second person to come back up. The second person is diving down and then found the diamond. SO he started swimming back up to the top so they could drive away and sell the diamond. When they got to the top they got the diamond off the boat and onto the truck. The diamond falls off the truck and lands on the ground. The guy puts it back on the truck and drives away. When he gets back at his house he takes the diamond off the truck. The guy opened the diamond because he thinks there is something in it. He opens the diamond up and there is a perl in the middle. He takes the pearl out and puts it in the truck.

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